The pandemic has changed the soundtrack of this el

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The pandemic has changed the soundtrack of this election campaign | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The campaign song is as important to an election event as the leader’s stump speechThe pandemic began.

Played by staff at high volume when the leader enters or exits the roomOntario works to create more critical care beds in hospitals as COVID-19 cases soar; Ottawa and Air Canada settle on an aid package, it blares out over and over and over again as the leader greets supporters and poses for photos.

In elections before the COVID-19 pandemicthe city council request when it is presented t, these large rallies — with a pumped-up crowd, usually as big as can be managed — act as energizing events for campaign volunteers and serve as a backdrop for the TV cameras.

But today, big indoor rallies with people packed closely together aren’t really possible. The pandemic continues to change how parties run an election, including eliminating most of those crowds.

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