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Concept and application of automatic control system

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a control system that enables the production process or other processes to be carried out according to the expected law or predetermined program without direct participation. Automatic control system is the main means to realize automation. According to the different control principles, the automatic control system is divided into open-loop control system and closed-loop control system. In the open-loop control system, the system output is only controlled by the input, and the control accuracy and the characteristics of suppressing interference are relatively poor. In the open-loop control system, the logic control based on time sequence is called sequence control system; It is composed of sequence control device, detection element, actuator and controlled industrial object. It is mainly used in the control of machinery, chemical industry, material handling and transportation, as well as manipulator and automatic production line. The closed-loop control system is based on the feedback principle. By using the deviation of the output from the expected value in the same period to control the system, a better control performance can be obtained. Closed loop control system is also called feedback control system

automatic control system has been widely used in all fields of human society, but the road to the blue ocean requires cutting through thorns and thorns. In industry, there are corresponding control systems for various physical quantities encountered in the production process of metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, etc., including temperature, flow, pressure, thickness, tension, speed, position, frequency, phase, etc. On this basis, a digital control system with better control performance and a higher degree of automation, as well as a process control system with dual functions of control and management, is also established by using a digital computer. Applications in agriculture include automatic water level control system, automatic operation system of agricultural machinery, etc. In terms of the technology of good compatibility between military SEBS foaming materials and EVA, the application examples of automatic control include various types of servo systems, fire control systems, guidance and control systems, etc. In aerospace, aviation and navigation, in addition to various forms of control systems, the application fields also include navigation systems, remote control systems and various simulations. Traditionally, the cost of recycling carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) through pyrolysis is extremely expensive. In addition, automatic control technology also has practical applications in office automation, book management, traffic management and even daily housework. With the development of control theory and control technology, the application field of automatic control system is still expanding, involving almost all fields of biology, medicine, ecology, economy, society and so on

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