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The concentration of plastic pipe production line is low, and adjustment needs to be strengthened

although China's plastic pipe production line industry has made progress and made great progress since its development, there are still many problems in terms of the overall level of the enterprise's plastic pipe production line (light industry and building materials), mainly low industrial concentration, unreasonable enterprise structure, backward product structure, and low grade

in addition, many plastic pipe production line enterprises have low production technology level, weak development ability, and have not formed a technology development system with independent intellectual property rights. In addition, low management level is also a major problem, which will greatly reduce enterprise benefits

therefore, it is suggested that the plastic pipe production industry (petrochemical, light industry, building materials) bears the heavy responsibility of providing basic raw materials, important products and technical equipment. It plays an important role in the national economic construction. After China's accession to the WTO, it is facing the impact of the largest number of foreign high and middle-grade products entering the Chinese market

the raw material of plastic pipes is plastic, and China joined the World Trade Organization on December 11, 2001, becoming a member of it. 200 but the market demand is very strong. The tariff on plastic raw materials has been reduced to 6.5% in eight years. In addition, the reduction or elimination of non-tariff measures with high rigidity has a great impact on the plastic pipe market

for the plastic products industry, we should speed up the pace of enterprise restructuring, improve production concentration, reduce costs, comprehensively improve competitiveness and enhance wind resistance. We must aim at the international advanced level, especially the virtual instrument, which can realize the simulation of hardware functions, adopt advanced technology, further strengthen the adjustment, optimize the variety structure, improve the product quality and grade as soon as possible, and better meet the market demand

carry out various forms of international cooperation and further expand the scale of utilizing foreign capital. Promote the further cooperation between large and medium-sized enterprises such as petrochemical, light building materials, plastic pipes and fittings in China and foreign multinational companies, actively introduce foreign capital, advanced technology and management experience, enhance the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and improve the technological level, management level and economic benefits of enterprises

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