The hottest world EPS conference was held in Jiang

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The world EPS conference was held in Jiangyin

the 2006 World EPS conference was recently held in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province. This control and conditioning is relatively simple. The conference is composed of four parts: International EPS conference, annual meeting of China EPS special committee, EPS academic forum and EPS exhibition

at the international EPS conference, experts and enterprise representatives from more than 40 countries and regions, including the Asian EPS alliance, the European EPS alliance, the Americas, Africa, Australia, introduced the general situation of EPS market and technology development. The international EPS exhibition held at the same time brought together the most representative EPS raw materials, 50Hz products, equipment and auxiliary production and scientific research institutions at home and abroad. Domestic and foreign enterprises such as Jianlong institution, Wuxi Xingda, Germany Kurtz, Austria Hirsch, Japan Dasien, etc. showed the latest achievements in the industrialization and scientization of EPS, providing a useful reference for further improving the technical level of domestic EPS. This meeting provides an opportunity for domestic EPS related enterprises to comprehensively understand the confidence that global EPS has brought to extruder enterprises. DuPont Hongji has established the industry development of "environmental protection and new energy utilization biaxial tensile polyester film project" in combination with its development strategy. (Gu Shunqing)

reprinted from: China Chemical News

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