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At the 6th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo held in Shenyang, gannyusu faklu, general manager of China Dalian Company of Germany index Machine Tool Co., Ltd., said that China's market gravity is becoming greater and greater, and they are constantly striving to obtain a larger market share in China

in 2001, index invested 1.7 million US dollars to establish a joint venture with Dalian machine tool group. "The development speed and sales volume of the joint venture have soared in recent years, and its sales volume in China reached 100million yuan last year." Gannyusu falklau said

at the 6th International Manufacturing Expo, Jiang Qi, head of Haas machine tool booth in the United States, said that the company specially transported new turntables from the United States to participate in the exhibition. Jiang Qi said that Haas has established a chain store in Shenyang that integrates machine tool sales, service, maintenance and spare parts, which is the second exclusive store opened by HAAs in China

it is understood that 139 overseas enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises participated in the Expo, and 96 booths in booth 5 improved energy efficiency, accounting for 31% of the total booths. In addition to the world's well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises such as HAAs in the United States, Mori Seiki in Japan, Siemens in Germany, and outpost in Sweden, it has become a traditional guest field to participate in the Manufacturing Expo for many years. This year, some well-known enterprises at home and abroad began to pay attention to and participate in the Manufacturing Expo

among them, Beijing Tiantian mould Co., Ltd., invested by Tiantian Co., Ltd., applied for a 135 square meter booth for the first time to participate in the Manufacturing Expo, focusing on CNC sheet metal machine tools. American wholly-owned enterprises HEC and ferro, Sino German joint venture index, Sino French joint venture Shanghai Schneider Industrial Control Co., Ltd. on the evening of August 8, Shanghai Dongfang Weill transmission Co., Ltd., juramat automation technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and other enterprises all registered for the first time to participate in the Expo

it is also understood that the standards of fracture toughness, flexural strength and elastic modulus of fine ceramic materials are gb/t10700 (2) 006, gb/t6569 (2) 006, gb/t23806 (2) 009 and other standards. The commercial office of the U, The US Pavilion confirmed 624 square meters of booths this time

the manufacturing group of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Embassy in China also officially listed the ICIF as a key supported Chinese exhibition, and plans to organize U.S. domestic enterprises to participate in the seventh ICIF in 2008 on a large scale next year

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