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At the opening of the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, Dong Mingzhu returned home with the Gree robot band to deliver a speech

"I'll make an advertisement for Nanjing. Let's invest in Nanjing."

on the morning of December 7, the main forum of 2017 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Nanjing. Dongmingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric, delivered a keynote speech. Born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, she frequently exchanged greetings with "hometown people" as soon as she started speaking

she said that Jiangsu has mountains, waters and beautiful people, but the important reason why it really attracts talents from all over the world is that Jiangsu has established a cordial political and business relationship in recent years, which has brought a fair environment

surging () I saw at the scene that before the speech, the main disadvantages of these two transmission methods: the front needs to add oil regularly. Dong Mingzhu brought a special program to the on-site audience

ldquo; Before, a row of yellow robots appeared on the side of the rostrum. The large screen introduced that this was "Gree robot". They played a song "singing to the motherland" for the audience

the 2017 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference opened in Nanjing on December 7. In the children's voice "singing the motherland" accompanied by a band composed of five groups of Gree robots, dongmingzhu, chairman of Zhuhai Gree, made a speech on Gree's road to intelligent manufacturing innovation

"I've heard this song many times, and every time I hear it, I'm in a high mood." Dong Mingzhu said, but this time it's different. "I feel even more proud that robots have come to my hometown and sang to my friends here."

robots are an introduction to Dong Mingzhu's talk about "intelligent manufacturing". She said that in the past, everyone was satisfied as long as they could survive and make money, but in the new era, only by becoming a creator can the world become a better place

taking Gree as an example, she said that Gree has changed from an air-conditioning manufacturing enterprise to a large manufacturing group that can design and produce intelligent equipment, robots and other industrial chains

"the organizing committee told me not to advertise. I said, why don't I advertise? Gree is the best." Dong Mingzhu, who has always been strong, once again showed her funny side

Dong Mingzhu said that from 2012 to the third quarter of 2017, Gree's total operating revenue reached more than 680 billion, compared with only more than 370 billion in the 20 years before 2011. "Only by creating can there be a future. Gree has achieved such results because it pays attention to supply side reform"

at the same time, she believes that a good enterprise is capable of paying taxes. In addition to paying great attention to profits and products, it should also pay great attention to paying taxes

moreover, "a good listed company should insist on giving shareholders points, and there are also halogen-free red", Dong Mingzhu said at the scene that Gree has paid shareholders 36billion yuan in dividends in the past four years, which won warm applause at the scene

following the Jiangsu Development Conference in May this year, Dong Mingzhu returned to her hometown of Nanjing again, where Liang Xianggong opened and delivered a keynote speech

surging noticed that "Miss Dong" didn't just talk when she returned home

according to previous reports, Zhuhai Yinlong new energy vehicle invested by Dong Mingzhu has opened an industrial park in Lishui, Nanjing, with a total investment of 10billion yuan. Dong Mingzhu visited Lishui four times, and finally finalized the project

Not long ago, in November this year, Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., headed by "Miss Dong", signed a strategic cooperation with the Nanjing municipal government. Gree Electric's central air conditioning intelligent manufacturing base and supporting projects will be officially completed. Another thing worth mentioning is Nanjing Jiangning high tech park, with a total planned investment of 10billion yuan

(original title: opening of the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, Dong Mingzhu returned home with Gree robot band to give a speech)

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