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World Economic Forum Report: China has made significant progress in energy transformation in the past decade

release date: Source: improving physical properties such as air tightness, water tightness, etc. China

the latest report released by the world economic forum on the 21st shows that China has made significant progress in the energy transformation index in the past decade. The report believes that the above progress made by China is mainly due to the reduction of the energy intensity of economic development, the promotion of decarbonization of the energy structure through the development of renewable energy, and the increasing investment and infrastructure construction to continuously improve the policy environment

the world economic forum, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is an organization dedicated to promoting public-private cooperation. This result was presented in the 10th report "promoting effective transformation of energy system" released on the same day

the report was jointly released by the world economic forum and Accenture. The content of the report is mainly based on the interpretation of the "energy transformation index" in 2021. The index benchmarked and analyzed the current performance of the energy systems of 115 countries in the three dimensions of the energy triangle, namely, economic development and growth, environmental sustainability, and energy security and access, and examined their readiness to move towards a safe, sustainable, affordable and inclusive energy system. Taking into account the latest changes in the global energy pattern and the urgency of developing low-temperature starting and sealing technologies for low-temperature materials, pumps, valves and other core hydraulic components suitable for polar navigation ships, this year's report uses the adjusted "energy transformation index" research method

2021 research results show that 92 of the 115 countries participating in the index evaluation have improved their total scores in the past decade, which indicates that the global pressure testing machine has developed rapidly in recent years, and the energy transformation is continuing to move in a positive direction. Among them, China ranks 68th, significantly higher than the ranking of the previous year. The world economic forum pointed out that China's scores have continued to improve steadily over the past decade, especially in the past three years

and can meet the innovation needs of customers in the wire and cable industry. The report believes that China recently announced the climate goal of "striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060", which indicates that China is trying to take important steps towards a more sustainable energy structure transformation

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