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The world intelligence conference took the lead in planning the layout of Tianjin's new kinetic energy: focus on "new infrastructure" enabling big data

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"new infrastructure" is a hot word since the outbreak of the epidemic. Combing the large projects and good projects introduced through the conference platform since the first world intelligence conference was held in Tianjin in 2017, it was found that as early as the beginning of planning the conference, Tianjin has set its sights on how to better plan for industrial interconnection + development, promote the construction of smart cities, and cultivate a strong data industry, so that it has planned and saved time to introduce relevant leading enterprises through the conference platform, layout new infrastructure construction, and steadily promote the "digital +" and "smart +" upgrading of Tianjin's traditional infrastructure

According to the data provided by the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, 31 "new infrastructure" related projects were introduced through the world intelligence conference in three years, with a total investment of 37.6 billion

"the world intelligence conference is not only a conference, but a platform for reconstruction, empowerment, and the integration of policy, technology, and industry." Yinjihui, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, said

optimize the carrier of big data platform

analyze these 31 projects, including the construction projects of characteristic theme parks such as iFLYTEK Tianjin Zhihui Valley and Haier intelligent +5g smart park. By optimizing the spatial layout of big data industry, accelerate the aggregation of strategic emerging industries to key parks; There are also big data and cloud computing platforms represented by Tencent IDC data center, Ziguang cloud, yihualu Jinnan District "smart Jinnan" and data lake, Inspur Group Tianjin healthcare big data super platform and other projects to provide safe and efficient data services for governments, groups, enterprises and the surrounding areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

song Zheng, deputy general manager of Tianjin iFLYTEK Information Technology Co., Ltd., told that as a well-known listed company of intelligent voice and artificial intelligence in the Asia Pacific region, iFLYTEK had participated in the world Intelligence Conference for three consecutive years, and now it had prepared the corresponding technology and materials, and would participate in the cloud conference held in late June

"less than two months after the end of the first world intelligence conference, we signed an agreement with Tianjin to jointly build the 'smart valley'. At the second conference, we signed a strategic agreement with relevant departments in Tianjin respectively. At the third conference, we officially proposed the plan to build the 'northern sound Valley'. It can be said that iFLYTEK benefited a lot from this industrial event of artificial intelligence." Song Zheng said

in the past three years, the artificial intelligence industry demonstration area "Tianjin Zhihui Valley" jointly built by iFLYTEK and Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone has attracted 14000 artificial intelligence projects. Through the cultivation of the "Zhihui Valley" industrial platform, by the end of 2019, the introduced enterprises have achieved a production value of more than 1.6 billion and a tax payment of more than 150million

the "smart Jinnan" and data Lake project of yihualu Jinnan District introduced through the smart conference includes urban operation management analysis platform, smart application basic geographic information system, Jinnan District Urban Management big data analysis platform, Jinnan District Internet + government affairs system, smart party construction, smart transportation and information infrastructure construction, optical and magnetic integrated big data storage center, cloud computing platform, big data platform Artificial intelligence platform, data Lake security platform, etc

at the end of May this year, Tianjin Tencent Network Technology Co., Ltd. successfully delisted 290 mu of land located in Bolong lake, high tech Zone, to build the country's largest IDC data room. The project has a total investment of 10billion yuan, accommodates 300000 servers, and has an annual output value of 3.8 billion yuan after reaching the production capacity

"both the yihualu data Lake project and Tencent IDC data center project will provide accurate data support for urban governance, public services and regional industrial economic transformation and upgrading." Xuyuchun, director of the cooperation and Exchange Department of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, said

in addition to the big data projects introduced by the world intelligence conference, Tianjin has also made great efforts to build parks such as the North test area of China intelligent United Automobile, China Anxin Valley, and launched the construction of Ziguang cross industry and cross field industrial interconnection innovation platform, Yiche industrial interconnection enabling test platform, Saixiang science and technology rubber and plastic machinery MRO industrial interconnection platform, so as to fully assist China Singapore eco city in building a smart city model room, It was successfully selected into the practice list of typical areas of smart cities of the Ministry of industry and information technology, providing a high-energy carrier for the introduction and education of new kinetic energy in Tianjin

the growth rate of the big data industry has exceeded 20% for two consecutive years.

the data provided by the information technology development office of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology shows that the "ten smart manufacturing" 10 billion special fund policy launched by Tianjin during the world intelligence conference has set a direction to support the development of the big data industry, supported a number of excellent big data projects such as yihualu and Ziguang, and driven the new revenue of the big data industry to exceed 30billion

with the support of the 10 billion special fund policy and the preferential tax policies for software enterprises, the cloud account has grown from small to large, and the operating revenue has increased from 800 million to 34.7 billion in three years. Local enterprises such as dawning, China automotive research, Nanjing University General Motors, Shenzhou General Motors have also grown rapidly, and the project quality of big data leading enterprises has been continuously improved. The number of national big data pilot demonstration projects approved in Tianjin has increased from five in 2019 to the fourth in the country, By 2020, 10 enterprises were selected, ranking second in China, achieving double growth in number and ranking

"Tianjin's big data core (including big data hardware, software, services, etc.) and related industries (big data applications) have developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20% in the past two years." Sunxiaoqiang, director of the information technology development department of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, introduced

let Tianjin upgrade its traditional infrastructure "digital +" and "intelligent +" related to innovative development. Tianjin's approach is to fully promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing

"the popularization rate of digital R & D and design tools in key enterprises in Tianjin has exceeded 81.6%, the digitization rate of production equipment has reached 53.2%, and the digitization rate of key processes has reached 54.2% Sun Xiaoqiang said

over the years, Tianjin has built 71 demonstration projects such as Internet based product life cycle management and manufacturing + service for leading manufacturing enterprises such as Taizhong Tianjin Company and tianduan press; "Tianjin Haier washing machine factory integrated innovation" and other four projects were selected into the industrial interconnection pilot demonstration project of the Ministry of industry and information technology; "Personalized customization application cases of high-end packaging equipment" and other two cases were selected into the list of innovative application cases of industrial Internet platforms of the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2019; It has cultivated a number of global smart manufacturing benchmarking enterprises such as FAW Toyota new factory, Haier 5g smart factory and Danfoss

build a national first-class 5g City

on the eve of the third world intelligence conference, Tianjin's first 5g was successfully opened, and the 5g continuous coverage route with the longest mileage and the most base stations in the country was opened. In the venue of the Third Congress, citizens took the lead in experiencing 5g application scenarios such as security robots, joint unmanned aerial vehicles, and autonomous driving

after a year, The export bandwidth of Tianjin Internet is 2 wengyunxuan, deputy dean of the school of materials and mechanical engineering, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, said: "many people believe that kraft paper bags are the most environmentally friendly, 4.2 times that of 2017, reaching 25t, and the download rate of fixed broadband and mobile broadband has jumped to the third place in the country. In four years, it has increased by 4 and 8 respectively. The experimental control software of the experimental machine needs to be able to generate word or excel reports.

"At the beginning of this year, Tianjin formulated and issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of 5g. At present, more than 15000 5g base stations have been built, with more than 700000 users, and some hot spots have achieved full coverage of 5g networks." Gaojun, director of the communication development department of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, said

in one year, 5g application scenarios in Tianjin have become more and more extensive, and the pace of industrial development has accelerated. 5g application scenario projects such as Haier washing machine interconnection factory, Tianjin port, iFLYTEK Tianjin University of science and technology, Rongcheng iron and steel, Lishen battery, China Automotive Technology Research Center, General Hospital of Medical University, TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital, etc. were implemented rapidly, and received key special support from national ministries and commissions. The total investment of 5g application scenario projects in the city exceeded 1.5 billion. At present, the application and development of Tianjin 5g in vertical industries such as intelligent manufacturing, smart city, smart education, smart medical treatment, and smart media has formed "40+40", that is, 80 5g typical application scenario projects (40 under implementation, 40 to be implemented). The city has initially formed a 5g characteristic industrial chain led by Ziguang zhanrui, Weijie Chuangxin, North and other enterprises, with chip manufacturing as the core, RF front-end devices and optical module devices as the focus, and 5g terminal applications as the support

"to play the role of the world Intelligence Conference platform, Tianjin will actively host influential 5g industry summits, forums, competitions and other activities in the next step, attract authoritative research institutions in the field of information and communication to settle in Tianjin, optimize the innovation environment, resolutely break down various barriers that hinder network development, firmly promote 5g network construction, promote 5g application and industrial development, and accelerate the building of a first-class 5g city in China." Yin Jihui said

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