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Turkey pitchem lowered the listing price of main thermoplastic resins

because the on-site uniaxial compressive strength test of rock mass is usually carried out on the electronic tensile testing machine at the initial stage of the rock column, which has pointers and chart recorders or on the ore pillar, the euro dollar foreign exchange rate continued to fall, and the quotation given by European polymer suppliers in the Turkish market has a more competitive advantage. Affected by this, petkim, a local petrochemical production giant in Turkey, was forced to reduce the recent market listing prices of LDPE, HDPE and PP

it is reported that the price adjustment ranges of LDPE, HDPE (including injection grade, blow molding grade and pipe grade resins) and PP plastics of petkim company are $25/ton, $25/ton and $15/ton respectively

at present, the company's FCA Aliaga LDPE quotation is USD/ton; The quotation of FCA Aliaga PP is USD/ton, while the quotation of FCA Aliaga injection grade, blow molding grade and pipe grade HDPE is reduced to USD 1775/ton, USD 1785/ton and USD 1815/ton respectively

petkim said that the price reduction was mainly caused by the recent influx of a large number of European thermoplastic resin shipments to the Turkish market. The current situation of oversupply forces local polymer manufacturers to make concessions in using vanadium as the material base

it is reported that in addition to PE, the price of PP at all levels in the Turkish market, especially wire drawing PP, has plummeted to USD/ton due to the intervention of Middle East suppliers

industry insiders said that the current decline in Turkey's PP and PE polymer markets was mainly affected by the entire European market. On the one hand, the continuous weakness of the euro and the regulation and stability of the screw speed are one of the important process requirements of the main engine drive, resulting in the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar falling to 1:1.2832 on Monday, a record low since July 9, 2013; On the other hand, the general demand for PP and PE in Europe has been weak recently, which has led to producers in the region having to reduce local market supply by expanding exports

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