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Turck recently launched a series of new products

1. Inclination sensor

Turck launched a new inclination sensor for various applications: robots, vehicles, aircraft, harvesters, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and solar resistors. With a solid IP68 protection grade shell, it can measure the inclination angle for a long time. The repetition accuracy of the sensor can reach 0.1% of the measurement range and the resolution is 0.05. The cube shape of q20l60 series has +/-10, +/-45 and +/-60, which will be favored by more and more merchants. The sensor provides analog current, voltage and radiance output. Q42 series products have CANopen interface. In special operation fields, the single axis sensor can measure the range of 360. With this type of sensor, users can quickly adjust to the best angle. 360 single axis sensor provides analog voltage and current output with 2 programmable switching points

2. Safety light curtain without blind area

Turck has developed a compact and economical level 4 safety light curtain product. The new ezscreenlp series products have no blind area and can provide continuous protection for the detection area of the whole light curtain. The two-part design (transmitter and receiver) allows full control without the need for a separate controller. 14mm resolution can be used for finger detection, and 25mm resolution can be used for palm detection. The protection height ranges from 270 to 1810mm, the detection range can reach 7m, and the response time ranges from 8 to 43ms. There is no need to connect to PC, only dip change-over switch can be used to complete the setting, and 7-segment LED indicators display self diagnostic information. When a part of the device blocks the detection light, the light curtain will continue to send blank information. The light curtain adopts a safe yellow electroplated aluminum shell. If it is used in the semiconductor industry, it can also choose a nickel plated anti-static safety shell on the surface. The shell form of 28 x 26 mm can minimize the bulge on the equipment, especially for small machines

3. Visual application Park

in the visual application Park (booth B24 in hall 17) of Hannover Expo, tourists can customize dolls according to their own appearance and personally witness products customized according to their own needs. The visual application park uses large machines and shows us a lot of optical principles. Visitors can see solutions for almost everything. The park combines vision, operation and automatic control technology to provide a lot of information on these issues. Ten module test units and processing units are connected to the conversion system

4. The new product series of IVU vision sensor

represents our innovation, talents and vision. The new Turk IVU vision sensor is a combination of general-purpose picture/bar code reading device and touch screen. The new IVU BCR series reads all standard linear barcodes. It can read many different types of barcodes in the same picture. The menu driven interface is controlled by a 68.5 mm color LCD touch screen (320 240 pixels) for easy change and check of parameter changes. Turk introduced two system versions, the scalable IVU BCR barcode reading device and the IVU TG image sensor. In order to meet the needs of applications, sensors are generally installed in inconvenient places; This series of products can realize remote control. New products have a wide range of applications: automotive, packaging, material processing, pharmaceutical, plastics, electronics (PCB and assembly), utensils and metal processing

5. Intrinsically safe PROFIBUS switch

Turck has recently introduced an intrinsically safe PROFIBUS DP switch, which is used in the dangerous zone 1 of the i/o system. The kernel of gdp-is is a new microcontroller, which significantly improves the performance of the whole system and realizes better practicability. Since it is 100% downward compatible, it can completely replace the current one. Despite the new functions, the gdp-is loss is low, with a maximum of 1W. Provide additional condition information and special error codes, such as power supply, projection, H. as long as you master the following 10 points, art communication error, like conventional diagnostic tools, including channel diagnosis. Communication between switches requires a separate redundant interface. In order to connect with the module, two controllers are provided. Remote i/o modules are used in explosion-proof areas. The bus module with IP20 protection grade can communicate binary digital signals and analog signals with DP protocol in intrinsically safe explosion-proof type

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