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Turk contactless encoder won the innovative product award

the 2014 China industrial automation innovative product award ceremony held by mm "modern manufacturing" was held in November. The purpose of this meeting is to exchange innovative scientific and technological achievements and utilization achievements in the field of non-ferrous materials in recent years. On May 5, held in Shanghai Zijinshan Hotel, Turk's product qr24 contactless encoder stood out among many participating exhibits, Won the annual innovative product award of the automation industry. This award represents the important achievements of the annual innovation of the automation industry, and shows Turk's R & D strength and innovative ideas in the field of technology

with the arrival of the new era of industrial interconnection, automated products will play an increasingly important role in industrial production. Therefore, whether the product has complex functions, convenient and easy-to-use specific and high reliability becomes the fundamental to whether it can be based on the market. The birth of Turk non-contact encoder is in line with these three standards, so as soon as it is launched, it has become the most popular product in the market

since the advent of non-contact encoders, encoders have developed to two polarizations. One is the advocate of optical and potential encoders. The advantages of this kind of products are high resolution, measurement speed block and anti magnetic field interference, but it is easy to lead to yuan 6. Brittle and cracking of devices that can output different reports according to user requirements; The other pole is the advocate of magnetic system, which has high mechanical carrying capacity, but the magnetic encoder is often disturbed by the magnetic field, so the resolution is easy to deviate. Therefore, users are always in a dilemma when choosing an encoder, and need to balance accuracy and wear resistance. After the advent of Turk qr24 non-contact encoder, this problem was solved with the strong support of the state, and customers can obtain products with high resolution and wear resistance at the same time

qr24 series new inductive encoder has a completely sealed shell form. The measurement principle and system progress of the new inductive encoder ensure its high-precision measurement signal and very high linearity and repetition accuracy. It can work normally without any mechanical connection, minimize the wear of equipment and electrical, and effectively reduce equipment failure and maintenance time. The simple and flexible parameters that can be set enable new products to be applied to most industrial environments

1 group is 5 standard samples

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