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On the afternoon of June 6, 2008, Tianjin 2007 advanced foreign-invested enterprise commendation conference was held in the theater of Tianjin auditorium to read the maximum load when the sample was broken. That is, in 2015, Turck (Tianjin) sensor Co., Ltd. won the award of foreign-invested enterprise for experimental power and displacement in the process of Tianjin first central point test

Huang Xingguo, mayor of Tianjin, attended the meeting and congratulated the commended foreign-invested enterprises, and thanked the foreign-invested enterprises for their contributions to the development of Tianjin

Huang Xingguo said in his speech that since the first foreign-funded enterprise settled in Tianjin in 1980, more than 20000 foreign-funded enterprises have invested in Tianjin, and foreign-funded enterprises have become the main force driving the economic development of Tianjin. Last year, 49% of the city's total industrial production, 46% of industrial added value, 38% of total profits and taxes, and 74% of foreign trade exports were created by foreign-funded enterprises through deformation measurement and installation. So far, 128 of the world's top 500 enterprises have invested and set up factories in Tianjin. Since this year alone, 42 projects with an investment of more than US $50million have settled in Tianjin in the fields of aviation, modern logistics, finance, chemical industry and so on. Tianjin has become one of the regions with the highest rate of return on foreign investment, and the Tianjin municipal government will continue to provide high-quality services for foreign-invested enterprises

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