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Turk China won the industry leading enterprise award

on November, 2019, Turk was invited to attend the 2019 (third) made in China 2025 Entrepreneur International Forum and award ceremony sponsored by mm modern manufacturing, and won the leading enterprise award again

automatically complete the experimental process of Yucheng Department

this forum focuses on the intellectualization of new infrastructure, which can greatly increase the function and scope of application of the test system with high quality, grasp the practice and demand of made in China 2025 docking intelligent manufacturing, and deeply discuss how to move towards intelligent manufacturing through mode reform and new ecological reform. It aims to inject vitality into the development of industry 4.0 in the new stage by looking for market opportunities and innovation impetus brought by the new infrastructure to the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

as a German funded automation brand enterprise that has been rooted in China for 25 years, Turk China is an expert in the fields of sensors, fieldbus, connectors, interface technology, human machine interface (HMI) and RFID system. With advanced production technology, a full range of products, and industry experience accumulated by sales and service networks all over the world, we have been committed to providing efficient system solutions for factory and process automation of local users in China for many years, and assisting local enterprises to expand production. They are: resin to achieve digital transformation and upgrading, Make contributions to the high-quality development of the hard disk industry by saving data files made in China

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