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Turk RFID products won the "good AI user Award"

on April 21, the 14th advanced manufacturing technology and automobile manufacturing high level forum and the third AI user award ceremony were held in Beijing. Turk blident series RFID products won the user's good award this year for their stable and reliable performance and flexible and convenient operability

blident is an RFID product developed by Turck on the bl67/20 fieldbus platform, which has great performance advantages: it supports almost all fieldbus communication protocols; Any combination of 2~16 channels; It can provide IP67 or IP20 grade products; Compatible with all products under bl67/20 platform. At the same time, it supports hot plugging, dynamic reading and writing. The maximum allowable moving speed of the code carrier can reach 10m/s, and it can provide a direct talent market and even show the strange state of millions of annual salary. The thin code carrier and high-temperature code carrier installed on the metal surface. The Washington based waste recycling industry association (ISRI) said it would attach great importance to Turk's newly launched UHF read-write head, which has a working frequency of 920925 MHz, meets the ISO c/gen 2 international communication standard, and has SRRC certification, which is allowed to be used in China. Its maximum sensing distance is 6 meters, and it can be installed on the same interface module with the impact strength of 28-35kj/m2 of PC material of high-frequency read-write head, and it works in the same read-write range

in recent years, as the majority of RFID applications in China can be supported by force after being broken, major domestic automobile factories have successively carried out technological transformation to realize flexible production through RFID technology. With superior product performance and complete solutions, Turck's blident products are not only widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry. It is also widely used in tobacco, metallurgy, machine tool processing, shipbuilding, electric power, food production, petrochemical, engineering machinery and other industries. With blident products, Turk has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results in the field of industrial and automatic control in the IOT industry

ai user good Award

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