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Turk: hybrid security i/o module for ethernet/ip and CIP security

tbip hybrid module in Turk security solution

Turk's tbip provides another hybrid block i/o module, which combines standard and security output in a single device for ethernet/ip and CIP security. The tbpn module of profinet/profisafe is available. These two IP67 hybrid modules can flexibly adapt to the actual signal requirements of the machine, and can also be used as a remote safety controller. The safety function can also be configured and tested without connecting the subsequent safety PLC. As the protection grade reaches ip65/ip67/ip69k, it can be used in harsh environments. In addition, but with poor performance stability, the concept of distributed factory and modular machine can be realized without any additional control cabinet. In terms of security, the hybrid module provides two security inputs for connecting security sensors, such as a light curtain or an emergency notification button. Two additional safety channels can be used as inputs or outputs. Four general-purpose inputs/outputs connected to non safety related signals can be switched up to 2A. Two of the i/os can also be connected to the IO link main port

in terms of safety, the hybrid module provides two safety inputs for connecting safety sensors such as light curtain or emergency stop button. Two additional safety channels can be used as inputs or outputs. The four channels used to connect non safety related signals can connect input/output signals, and the fault can not be identified. How to adapt the lithium battery diaphragm, electrode material, electrolyte, etc. to the new development trend under the new situation. In addition, the two i/o ports can also be used as the main station of IO link. Combined with Turck's IO link junction box, users can connect up to 32 additional I/OS. Standard channels and IO link channels of tbip can be internally disconnected in safety related applications, which greatly simplifies the wiring of auxiliary drivers and valve blocks. Turk has developed a powerful safety module that extends the temperature range from -40 C to +70 C

hybrid module improves Turk's safety product portfolio. In addition to the safety I/O technology and compact safety controller with IP20 and IP67 protection functions, it also includes safety induction, magnetic and capacitive proximity switches, light curtain, two hands (1) test bench: for installing the power system; Controller, emergency stop button and safety position switch

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