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Turk "won CAMRS 2013 automation annual model project award"

on January 22, 2013, the 2013 automation annual selection and award ceremony hosted by China industrial control was successfully held in Shanghai. After strict selection by domestic authoritative experts, Turk 300000 ton Xi'an oil pipe production line project stood out among many participating products and won the automation annual model project award

gongkong automation annual selection activity has lasted for 11 years. It is a highly authoritative, impartial and neutral selection activity in China's automation industry, and to a certain extent, it is of significance as a wind vane for the development of industry technology. In this selection, the expert evaluation team conducted initial scoring, on-site discussion and on-site voting. Finally, Turk won this honor

this project has provided a large number of innovative product pipe production line projects for composite materials, including heat treatment line and a set of detection system, for a 300000 ton oil special pipe branch of a company in Baoji, Xi'an. The feature of this set of control system is that all equipment is controlled by PLC with high reliability. Under normal conditions, due to the full-automatic production process, it can save personnel costs, improve production efficiency and save resources. In the pipe processing, the cooling medium should be supplemented in time. The control system based on PLC and data acquisition and monitoring software WinCC is used in the system. The operation results since the system was put into operation in May 2012 show that the system has remarkable practical effect and reliable operation. Taking another gasket to repeat the above steps, it is convenient to adjust and realize flexible switching between manual and automatic. It can save resources to the greatest extent and make the system operate reliably, which has a good application prospect

get the recognition and trust of customers. Mrs ⑴ 0A microcomputer controlled 4-ball friction experimental machine is mainly in the situation of sliding friction, which is the driving force for us to continue to move forward. In the future, Turk China will continue to innovate and make continuous efforts to bring more and better solutions and services to customers from all walks of life

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