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Turk participated in the 2013 Beijing international industrial intelligence and Automation Exhibition

on June, the Beijing international industrial intelligence and automation exhibition was grandly opened (hereinafter referred to as ia Beijing). As one of the Hannover industrial automation global series exhibitions, IA Beijing has shown strong influence in recent years, and has become the most important industrial automation exhibition in the northern market of China, attracting many enterprises to visit and consult

as a leading supplier in the field of global industrial automation and a provider of comprehensive system solutions, Turk has provided customers with comprehensive services covering automation products, intelligent solutions and engineering projects since the beginning of its business in China. Based on the theme of this exhibition, Turck not only displayed a full range of products, but also provided a display space for Turck (Tianjin) Engineering Control System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as tie)

for a long time, Turk's pace of product innovation has never stopped. With the help of this exhibition, Turk has launched a large number of new products and innovative solutions. The new fgen series multi protocol Ethernet products can be seen on the booth. This product can not only support three different Ethernet protocols, but also realize the high-speed startup function of Ethernet protocol (90 ms/150 MS). In terms of position sensors, we grandly launched encoder 2.0. The biggest feature of this product is to realize the non-contact accurate detection of encoder products. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of anti electromagnetic interference, simple maintenance and so on. In terms of the periodic connection system, which is still in the important strategic opportunity of development, Turk has launched a new Y-connector splitter with LED indicator function and Turk brand junction box products. In the field of process automation, Turk has launched a number of Excom series products that support power supply and communication redundancy at the same time. These products have increased the capacity of i/o points of the slave station by 50%. In terms of fluid sensors, Turck also took this opportunity to show the new FM series controller products and the communication sensor solutions based on i/o-link protocol. In the field of system solutions, Turk has provided successful solutions for customers in different fields by virtue of its expertise and years of experience in business demand analysis, automation scheme design, engineering implementation and services. The successful cases of automobile, metallurgy, utility engineering services and software development support displayed this time have attracted the consultation of many customers

during the exhibition, Dr. an Ruishi, general manager of Turk, received a number of media interviews. In the interview, he introduced that through 20 years of natural and steady development in China, Turk, together with Germany and the United States, has become one of the group's three core business areas with an error of 0.5%. In response to the media's views on the development prospects of China's automation industry, he pointed out that although China's economic growth has slowed down, looking at the changes of other developed countries in the world, China is at the key point of industrial upgrading, that is, industrial enterprises are more urgent than ever to improve efficiency, stabilize product quality and reduce pollution through automation programs, which is a rare opportunity for the automation industry. Turk, as the first multinational enterprise to enter China and then put it into the dryer for preservation, has developed in localization for nearly 20 years. It can not only provide customers with leading products and worldwide services, but also provide solutions tailored to local conditions, so that customers can achieve business success. Dr. an Ruishi said that trust, professionalism, loyalty and success are Turk's consistent values. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to this philosophy, provide the best solution for lucintel's customers, and build a successful platform for them

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