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The environment is relatively empty. Tianjiao staged a free fall and returned to the decline trend.

following the crazy diving of Shanghai Jiao and Tokyo Jiao in the afternoon of the last trading day, Tokyo Jiao prices continued to expand the decline to 15 yen on Wednesday and fell again across the board. Shanghai Jiaotong struggled a little after the opening of the morning trading, but finally closed at the full limit

after a short rebound last week, the price of Tokyo rubber fell by nearly 30 yen in only two trading days, making full use of the rebound results in the previous period and hitting a new low since the current round of rubber price decline. The monthly contract price of Tokyo rubber fell below 200 yen yesterday. From the technical chart, after a short rebound last week, the international and domestic rubber prices returned to the downward trend this week

no time to take into account the military coup in Thailand

the night before yesterday, a military coup took place in Thailand. As the world's largest rubber producer, Thailand's political turmoil will certainly have a negative impact on the production and export of natural rubber. From the perspective of supply and demand, the earthquake in Thailand's political situation should have a positive impact on the international rubber price

however, from the disk view, it seems that Tokyo glue did not pay attention to the following methods on Wednesday: set two punctuation marks to engrave the changes in the political situation of Thailand. Due to the sharp decline in the international commodity market on Tuesday, in particular, the crude oil price of polyurea elastomer technology, a new solvent-free and pollution-free green spraying technology following high solid coating, water-based coating, UV curing coating and powder coating, plummeted by two dollars in one trading day, causing a sharp drop in the popularity of bulls in the entire commodity market. On Wednesday, almost all varieties of Tokyo industrial commodity exchange - gold, silver, crude oil, aluminum, natural rubber, etc. fell by the limit, and the Nikkei index also fell sharply due to the political turmoil in Thailand

from this, it can be seen that the overall environment of the entire commodity market has a much greater guiding significance for a single commodity than the impact of the urination and manipulation environment of a single commodity

Bulls' sentiment has been dealt a fatal blow

from the perspective of surrounding commodities, crude oil and precious metals have entered a relatively clear decline channel. In this environment, it is difficult for the price of natural rubber to rebound in the downward trend for a long time

from the fundamental point of view, the domestic and international markets attracted many buyers to buy the spot during the rebound of the rubber price last week. Hainan and Yunnan Nongken took this opportunity to increase their efforts to sell the spot. The daily pending orders in both markets were almost more than 2000 tons. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. This week, the rubber price quickly returned to the falling channel in the form of diving, which can be said to have killed the bulls by surprise. It is a fatal blow to the bull sentiment that the Tianjiao market has recovered slightly, and the glue price will be integrated into the falling environment of the whole commodity market for a long time

as the pricing center of the international Tianjiao price, the current total position size of the Tokyo Tianjiao market, including thermal insulation materials, has decreased, the bulls have disintegrated, but the bears are relatively concentrated, and the price of Tokyo Tianjiao has lost its upward momentum. Therefore, the position structure of Tokyo Tianjiao market is still not conducive to the upward trend of glue price

to sum up, in the whole commodity market environment in which the surrounding commodities have gradually entered the downward trend, the short-term rebound of glue price has suffered strong selling pressure from both spot and futures, and the rebound is only a flash in the pan. The sharp decline of the glue price on Tuesday and Wednesday has indicated that the rebound of the glue price has ended and returned to the decline channel. From a technical point of view, the Shanghai rubber daily K and weekly K charts have formed an obvious short position arrangement, and the decline in rubber prices will continue

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