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Enterprises need more personalized ERP products

traditional ERP products overemphasize that enterprise users must fully comply with the standard management process of the ERP system, ignoring the personalized needs of the enterprise itself, which obviously violates the requirements of the enterprise on demand

Shanghai Tongyong, which is also a manufacturing industry. 6. Equipment protection is divided into monthly protection and maintenance, quarterly protection and maintenance and annual protection and maintenance. Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Iron and steel manufacturing plant, The former has great demand for the supply chain of purchase, sales and inventory because of accelerating the turnover of funds and reducing inventory, while the latter has relatively higher attention to the quality monitoring module because the traditional quality monitoring is relatively weak; Wuliangye company and Yili company, both in the food and beverage industry, also pay more attention to the logistics module because of the different shelf life of their products. The former pays more attention to the raw material composition analysis module before the blending of Baijiu...

these cases show that with the segmentation of the industry, the personalization of ERP begins to be favored by enterprises

before 2006, when the major ERP providers developed the concept of industry specific ERP, they generally provided module generic data during external publicity. At that time, the higher the generic data was, the more mature the ERP product was. This was the concept of industry specific ERP at that time. However, with the formation of the on demand mechanism, even enterprises in the same industry have their own characteristics

at the same time, domestic and foreign ERP suppliers have divided domestic users into high-end and low-end markets. Among them, high and middle end users have a certain foundation and experience in the application of management software, and they have their own understanding of ERP application - personalized and on demand ERP; For small business users, they have little experience in using management software. ERP products with certain standardized management functions are also customized and personalized applications for them

on demand requires enterprises to have individuality

personalization and E2 of user needs Affirming whether the aluminum profiles are processed into RP products for inappropriate alloys has become a bottleneck restricting the application and development of ERP. On the one hand, users put forward specific opinions on product implementation according to the actual situation and asked the management software provider to solve them pertinently; On the other hand, through the active application of products and solutions, users also find dissatisfaction. The most prominent performance is the contradiction between standardized products and personalized needs

enterprise users involve all walks of life. Each industry has its own specific needs. "Personality" is its core competitiveness. Enterprises need to have special service capabilities, but this is a major challenge and can quickly respond to customer needs. Standardization can never solve the personalized industry needs. Can ERP realize personalization? How can ERP help enterprises improve their management level? The personalized requirements of these applications are precisely the biggest doubts about the traditional general ERP

what is personalized ERP? With respect for the original management characteristics and management personality of the enterprise as the core, with the goal of the lowest cost and the fastest response to users' demand for characterization of material properties, through repeated communication and communication with users, and through the Internet platform, we have innovated the interactive delivery mode to solve the contradiction between the personalization of users' needs and the universality and standardization of management software products, bring value to users and help enterprises improve their management level

the research of ERP suppliers at home and abroad such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Kingdee, UFIDA and Neusoft shows that the different characteristics of personalized ERP and general ERP are reflected in many aspects. At the product technology level, in order to meet the personalized needs of users, the wave of software platform is coming

the 2005 China software platform report released by the information technology office of the State Council shows that in the face of personalized needs, 70% of users believe that the platform is helpful to solve the "personalized" application problems. From the perspective of users' current and future informatization strategies, comprehensive consideration and platform based solutions are the consensus of people and the direction of the industry. It is in this context that a new platform integrating a variety of new technologies - business infrastructure platform began to appear

for the entire software industry and the business foundation software platform industry, the successful application of platform products has at least two important meanings: it can quickly develop highly integrated and personalized application software suitable for itself, and can realize all the needs of enterprise informatization. It has different value for enterprises from any previous software; It has created a new cooperation mode for information construction: users, business basic software platform providers and system integrators in the industry cooperate to jointly build a successful information system

personalized ERP realizes "management innovation"

informatization is born for efficiency and for improving enterprise management level and competitiveness; Management informatization and management software provider mean the ability to contain advanced management ideas and improve enterprise management level. The reason why the ERP industry can quickly attract the general attention of people inside and outside the industry in a short time lies in the self promotion of management software manufacturers, and more importantly, it plays the role of a fulcrum to improve enterprise management and enhance enterprise competitiveness

however, the development of any enterprise will experience from small to large, from extensive and basic management to standardized management, refined management, performance management and strategic management. However, in different management stages, it also needs continuous "on demand" management software products and services, namely "personalized ERP", which can meet the management needs in different stages. Secondly, the industry segmentation, such as the textile industry, is very complex in material management, special in production management process and quality management. It is very different from discrete manufacturing enterprises. How to help enterprises improve and improve management in terms of these detailed and personalized needs. These are the original intention of the third revolution of management software

at the present stage of China's rapid economic development, mainstream enterprises in various fields, leading enterprises' management ability and competitiveness, are increasingly reflected in the ability of innovation or independent innovation. In 2006, "independent innovation" was the common annual theme of the business community. However, behind the practice that most enterprises attach importance to "technological innovation", it is actually the guidance and support of management concept innovation. In this context, the application of "personalized ERP" is to help enterprises in all walks of life, such as textile, food, steel and other sub industries, achieve "management innovation". (end)

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