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According to their business types, traditional enterprises can be roughly divided into manufacturing enterprises, commodity circulation enterprises and commercial service enterprises mainly providing engineering technology and information consulting. With its powerful information dissemination advantages, Internet has had a profound and revolutionary impact on the production and operation activities of traditional enterprises. This equipment is applicable to the manufacturing industries such as waterproof coiled materials, metal wires, textiles, rubber, ceramics, packaging industries, film, paper, plastic products and product quality supervision departments at all levels. Manufacturing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises with potential market competitiveness, are the biggest beneficiaries. From the information level, interconnection has created a fair competition environment for such enterprises at low cost. Commodity circulation enterprises are the most affected by the Internet. With the weakening of the information barrier and the improvement of the payment system and distribution system, it is possible for commodity producers and final consumers to directly trade. Commodity circulation enterprises, especially the middlemen who do not have but are more popular today, are the circulation facilities for the experimental box (machine) of the cold and hot shock experiment box (machine) which integrates high temperature, low temperature and damp heat. They will face a rather embarrassing situation, These enterprises must calibrate the tensile testing machine with levers, change their business ideas, adjust their business models, and improve their service levels

as a tool for traditional enterprises, Internet will be popularized and recognized as a communication tool. Traditional enterprises should not expect to become rich overnight as long as they go on the market. However, they must also realize that if they do not go on the market, they will miss the opportunity

compared with the people's office playing computer, the traditional enterprise office has significant advantages in terms of business reputation, brand of products and services, marketing channels and professionals. Up to now, we can almost believe that the e-commerce station, which is composed of several MBAs and millions of dollars of venture capital and does not rely on any traditional business channels, is devoid of vitality. Of course, traditional enterprises also have disadvantages in such aspects as capital, talents, mechanism and concept, but the most fundamental problem is the problem of concept updating. The requirements of e-commerce for the reorganization of traditional business processes and the transformation of traditional business models make the development of e-commerce in traditional enterprises relatively lagging behind, resulting in a great foam in the business station with pure technical background, which is also in line with the general law of the emergence and development of new things. However, e-commerce is not only a concept, but also by no means a foam. Its real charm lies in the huge business value created by the e-commerce of traditional enterprises

the advantages of traditional enterprises can be reflected in the following aspects:

① reduce the procurement cost to the greatest extent and improve the market competitiveness

② expand the popularity of the enterprise at low cost and improve the sales performance

③ improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs

④ improve the service level

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