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Environmental friendly artizan AF brand ink is put into the market

due to the consideration of health, safety and environment, the ink industry needs to consider the problem of volatile organic pollutants and the problem of heavy metal pollution caused by printing materials. The manufacturer must constantly improve the product quality. 1. Without doing experiments, the quantity should be increased in order to meet the corresponding standards

artizan AF brand product is such a new product with strong coloring power and good dispersive appearance. It can be directly used for printing in the form of water-based products. This series has several models, suitable for various formulas and widely used in various media, such as acrylic resin

this product is especially suitable for dark backgrounds, such as kraft paper, etc. Different from other commercial organic pigments, this series of colorants can maintain bright luster for a long time and are not easy to turn into dirty colors. Far better than phthalocyanine blue series products

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