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At 11:06 a.m. on December 16, in Huguang Town, Mazhang District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, the directional drilling crossing project in the sea area of "Sinopec refining and chemical supporting product pipeline" constructed by Sinopec South China branch officially commenced, marking that the directional drilling project with the longest crossing length of Sinopec subsea product pipeline has fully entered the construction stage

the project crosses the Tongming Strait from the east island of Zhanjiang City to Huguang town on land. The total length of the crossing is 4060 meters, making it the most directional drilling crossing of the submarine product oil pipeline in Chinese Mainland. The excavation site is located in wencanxia village, Donghai Island, crossing along the west side of Donghai Island railway. The excavation site is located in dongyanpo village, Huguang town

the project was designed by SINOPEC Luoyang engineering company, and Sinopec's victory positioning was inaccurate. The oil construction engineering company constructed the project, and the construction period was 6 months

sea area directional drilling crossing is the core control project of "Zhongke refining and chemical supporting product oil pipeline project". In order to ensure that the safety and environmental protection management in the sea crossing process is in place, the general manager of Sinopec Sales South China branch has presided over the sea crossing expert demonstration meetings twice, and invited top domestic crossing experts such as PetroChina and Sinopec to conduct many on-site surveys and technical demonstrations on key technical issues such as sea crossing length, crossing 1, maximum experimental force: 100kN mode, and came up with a thorough and reliable technical scheme. It took one and a half years for the company to successfully complete the "three Simultaneities" procedures such as sea area environmental impact assessment, use demonstration and sea area construction permit, and promote the project construction in accordance with the law and regulations

throughout the construction process, the project owner will work closely with the design, construction and supervision units to give full play to their respective advantages and strive to build a green and intelligent pipeline project. In order to improve the construction efficiency, a high-precision guidance docking system will be used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of docking. In order to prevent corrosion in the sea area, advanced oxidation polymerization coating anti-corrosion technology (PTC) is used at the connection of directional drilling in and out of the soil to effectively protect the welding corrosion of offshore pipelines. At the same time, 3PE reinforced anti-corrosion is adopted in the directional drilling crossing pipeline section, and a light curing epoxy FRP protective layer is added, laying a solid foundation for building a century old green intelligent pipeline

the supporting products of Sinochem refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. have long-lasting sealing and cushioning performance and good chemical resistant oil pipeline, with a total length of 248 kilometers. It is an energy infrastructure construction project and a provincial key engineering construction project in Guangdong Province during the 13th five year plan. After the completion of the project, we will strive to achieve a better and efficient operation of the "three oil sources and two rings" of the southwest product oil pipeline, solve the "bottleneck" of insufficient pipeline oil resources and difficult transfer of coastal resources into the mainland at one stroke, and effectively ensure the supply of product oil in Guangdong and southwest China

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