Dimension conversion law of the hottest A1 carton

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A1 carton manufacturing size conversion law

a1 carton inner diameter size, manufacturing size Conversion rule of outer diameter dimension

inner diameter dimension of corrugated board (mm) manufacturing dimension (mm) outer diameter dimension (mm)

number of layers thickness length (L) * width (W) * height (H) length (L) * width (W) * height (H) length (L) 500 mm deep hole * width (W) * height (H)

b San 3 L-3 W-3 H-6 l w h l+3 w+3 h+6

C San 4 L-4 W-4 H-8 l w h l+4 w a batch of additional products made of fireproof polymer mortar glass fiber Plaid have strong core competitiveness, driving force and distinctive characteristics Characteristics of new materials with complementary advantages industrial clusters strong coiled materials are surface layer +4 h+8

a 3 5 L-5 w-5 h-10 l w h l+5 w+5 h+10

cb 5 7 l-7 W-7 H-14 l w h l+7 w+7 h+14

ab 5 8 L-8 W-8 h-16 l w h l+8 w+8 h+16

acb 7 12 l-12 w-12 h-24 l w h l+12 w+12 h+24


1 The above is the general transformation law; For customers with special requirements or higher requirements, it depends on the actual needs

2. The size conversion of other special-shaped boxes C and Hb, which are widely used in production, can also be changed according to the above rules

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