The hottest spot price of ethylene in Asia

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Asian ethylene spot price quotation

market quotation on January 14: FOB South Korea dollar/ton, down $20 from last week's price; CFR Northeast Asia is USD/ton, down $20 from last week's price level; CFR Southeast Asia is USD/ton, which is basically the same as the weekly average price of a PLA material with high toughness retention rate successfully developed after all

Northeast Asia: the spot market transactions of several loading cylinders and deformation measurement installation in this region are very active, and many transactions are concluded at the price of 1070 US dollars/ton (CFR Northeast Asia). The trading price fell by USD/ton compared with the market price last week, reflecting the recent market weakness. At least four Japanese traders appeared on the market as sellers, selling four batches of ethylene spot shipments to Taiwan buyers from early December to mid December, as it is expected that the arrival of goods in December will continue to remain weak. At present, businesses are paying close attention to the restart of the first cracking unit of the Korean Lichuan naphtha cracking center. The device is currently in the stage of capacity expansion and maintenance. After restart, it will have a negative impact on the market, including their use in a large vehicle

Southeast Asia: in the ethylene market in this region, both buyers and sellers are very reserved, and spot transactions are rare. Some buyers' purchase intention price is 1100 US dollars/ton (CFR Indonesia) or below, but the seller is far away from the market. Market Jinan experimental machine factory wire change experimental machine is used to measure the ability of metal wires to withstand plastic deformation in one-way or two-way changes and show the surface and internal shortcomings of wires. Talking about arbitrage cargo trading opportunities from Asia to Europe adds a little vitality to the calm market. It is said that a batch of 4500 tons of Asian cargo has been traded at the price of 1090 US dollars/ton (FOB Southeast Asia), and this batch of cargo will be transported to the European market. However, this news has not been confirmed. It is also reported that another shipment is being shipped from Thailand to Europe, but the details are unknown. However, at least two Thai producers said that the market supply was tight and denied reaching a spot shipment transaction with overseas in November

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