Ding Zhen, the hottest Tibetan guy, signed a talen

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Tibetan Boy Ding Zhen signed a state-owned enterprise "unread, signed a talent show" rumors continue, the truth is coming

release date: Source: Red Star

is a 28 pin dual inline package. Recently, Tiktok has a very popular young man, Ding Zhen, a Tibetan boy born in 2000, who lives in Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, It may not be expected that a good policy atmosphere for the development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, will be popular in November 2020

in fact, Ding Zhen's popularity is really an accident. The photographer has photographed Ding Zhen's father before, but he is not popular. Ding Zhen's brother was photographed, but it was not popular. That day, it happened that Ding Zhen's brother was not at home, so the photographer brought Ding Zhen to replace him temporarily

if you only look at his appearance, Ding Zhen can't compare with the male stars in the entertainment industry, but his clear eyes and innocent smile are really unforgettable, so everyone pays high attention to him for a moment, and some even say that he "has stars in his eyes"

it can be said that "deliberately planting flowers and flowers, unintentionally planting willows and willows into shade", Ding Zhen unexpectedly became popular

after the fire, rumors about Ding Zhen's "not accepting compulsory education because the host needs self-test education and signing a contract with the talent show" continued. What is the truth

in the afternoon of November 18, red star confirmed from Litang County Cultural Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Litang cultural tourism company) in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan province that Ding Zhen, who had previously been popular, had signed a contract with the company and became a regular employee of the company

the staff of the company said that Litang Wenyi travel company is a state-owned company under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Litang County to meet the needs of customers for chemicals

Gao Xiaoping, vice president of the company, revealed that Ding Zhen had signed two contracts with the company, one is a labor contract and the other is an agency contract

"the labor contract roughly means that he needs to contribute to the tourism of Litang and Ganzi, with five insurances and one fund of 3500 every month." Gao Xiaoping said, "the agent of the contract is probably our company acting for his copyright and portrait rights to help him fight for some interests. If an outside company wants to find him, it first needs to pass through our checks to see what is cheating him and what is true? In order to protect his rights, but we don't participate in any sharing, don't compete with him for profits, and the gifts painted in the live broadcast room are all his."

as for why he signed the contract, Gao Xiaoping revealed that many celebrities can only be enthusiastic for a while. On the one hand, their families are worried about this. Secondly, we think his publicity has played a good role in the publicity of Litang and Ganzi Prefecture. We hope (through him) that more people can know about Litang

Gao Xiaoping said that Ding Zhen had three wishes: he didn't want to be too disturbed by the outside world and affect his family; Hope to contribute to the tourism publicity of Litang and Ganzi prefectures; He also wants to study

in response to some rumors on the Internet that Chen Dingzhen had not read a book, Gao Xiaoping also clarified that Ding Zhen had received compulsory education, but the school running conditions were not particularly good at that time. Coupled with the language environment, his Chinese level was not particularly good, and his Tibetan writing was very good

as for someone who said that "Ding Zhen has a monthly contract of 3500 until he reaches retirement age and gets an iron rice bowl", Gao Xiaoping said, "the contract with Ding Zhen is signed every five years. If he doesn't make mistakes, we can renew it all the time."

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