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Bottle blowing Li Le said that the "direct temperature regulation method" of the process

GMG linear and rotary reciprocating blow molding machine

GMG rotary reciprocating is the transverse diameter of the wear spot; The machine can meet the ideal packaging solution to the greatest extent. It is not only the crystallization of technological development, but also the result of GMG's improvement of more than 3000 machines used in six continents in the past 50 years. Depending on the capacity of the bottle  GMG rotary disc blow molding equipment can produce 15000 ~ 45000 containers per hour, which is suitable for personal care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals and other products

gmggec-4 has been proved to be a machine that is applicable in many aspects, and the technology it adopts cannot be achieved by any other manufacturer. The multi-mode head rotary reciprocating extrusion clamping system of the equipment combines the high productivity of the wheel machine and the function of calibrating the diameter of the bottle mouth of the reciprocating machine, creating a model of the combination of speed and precision in the field of bottle manufacturing

gmg double station reciprocating blow molding machine hld700

hld700 is the most suitable machine for producing multi-layer and calibrating the diameter of bottle mouth. It can be equipped with leak detection and photographic monitoring system (optional). The characteristics of the clamping system of the equipment are: a very compact and lightweight design provides a high clamping force, which acts directly on the template and makes the clamping adjustment action very accurate. The equipment can produce single-layer or up to three-layer products, which are widely used

gmg double station linear machine

the double station linear machine is designed to take out the bottle from a single direction. Through the work of taking out the gripper, the bottle is transferred from the mold area to the conveyor belt in the front of the machine. The stop and start of the conveyor belt are controlled by the motor, and even bottles with special bottle bottom design (such as cosmetic bottles) can be transported safely and reliably

gmg's well-known customers

gmg's customers - ptberlin Indonesia has three hestagraham long-distance machines in China for the production of personal care bottles. All GMG machines can be equipped with paper or plastic in mold labeling, and the delivery of labels will not prolong the cycle time. In addition, the label positioning accuracy is very high and labels can be added without stopping the machine

excellence is the key factor to integrate into every GMG machine and every customer relationship

just as the design of every equipment needs to meet the requirements of excellence, GMG and runying also integrate this standard into all aspects of their relationship with every customer, understand their business problems, and respond to their complex packaging requirements in a timely manner

"direct temperature regulation" - the guarantee of cost saving and wide application of bottle blowing equipment

the high-precision, high-strength, thin-walled temperature regulation process that affects product quality will be completed at the same time with bottle blank molding. This is the patented technology applied to the injection extension blow molding machine provided by Aoki Research Institute - direct temperature regulation. The system does not need to reheat the preform, which is conducive to the realization of high-speed molding. Due to the direct use of the heat retained during the molding of the bottle blank for the subsequent extension and blow molding process, the cooling time of the bottle blank is shortened, the operation of the blow molding cycle is accelerated, and it is well adapted to the needs of mass production. In addition, the cost of heating energy consumption required for equipment reheating is zero, which effectively reduces the cost

at the same time, the role of this patented technology in reducing costs is also reflected in the following aspects:

simple one-step three position process

because of the direct temperature regulation technology, there is no need to heat the process, the whole process can be completed in only three steps, realizing a significant reduction in the cost of a single container molding. The molding workers of the equipment reached a cooperation agreement with Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences on the research of aluminum foil battery materials; Taking the provincial strategic emerging industry convergence and development base as an opportunity, the position can be divided into: input raw materials, bottle blank injection molding temperature regulation station → extension blow molding station → product ejection station. This technology discards the original complex processes and manipulators, which can directly realize the stable production of products, improve the qualification rate and save energy

1. Thin wall bottle blank molding

the use of direct temperature regulation has increased the injection rate by 25%, and even 1.9mm thick bottle blank can be stably molded, so the use of raw materials is effectively reduced

2. Shorten the idling cycle

this technology enables the actions of the upper and lower molds to be synchronized during the molding of the bottle blank, so as to greatly shorten the idling cycle

3. All kinds of bottle shapes are at will

the high-precision and thin-walled product molding that can be achieved by the direct temperature regulation method ensures that the one-step three station bottle blowing machine can form containers of various shapes, such as: partial core container molding, flat container molding, as small as 5ml container molding, wide mouth container molding, etc

4. Molding of high value-added containers

the direct temperature regulation method is to use the retained heat in the bottle blank during injection molding to carry out rapid extension blow molding. Therefore, in addition to pet, it can also be applied to the molding of PC, PP, pen, PA, PES, hips and other raw materials, so the equipment can easily form containers of different materials, such as milk bottles, high-end cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles and so on

the impact experiment low-temperature tank produced by Jinan assay is an indispensable experimental equipment in the low-temperature impact experiment

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