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On August 23, 2018, the heavy machine tool branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association held the third session of the Seventh Council and 2018 annual meeting in Wuhan. 23 representatives from member enterprises of Wuhan heavy industry, Qizhong, Qier, Qingzhong and other branches attended the meeting, The meeting was presided over by Du Zhuoyu, the rotating chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association, the chairman of heavy machine tool branch, and the chairman and party secretary of China Ordnance Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd

Guo Changcheng, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Guo Changcheng, on behalf of the association, congratulated on the convening of this meeting and affirmed the achievements made by Wuzhong in reform, innovation, transformation and development in recent years. At the same time, Guo Changcheng made a basic study and in-depth analysis of the current national economic environment and the situation of the 218 steel skylight hanging steel skylight bed industry, put forward pertinent suggestions on the opportunities and challenges faced by the heavy machine tool industry and enterprises, which are affected by factors such as production technology and market capacity, and encouraged all units of the heavy machine tool branch to continue to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, focus on segments and markets, and make greater progress

Guo Changcheng executive vice chairman

chairman Du Zhuoyu reviewed the transformation and development process of Wuzhong in recent years. He said that in the face of the double challenges of the sharp reduction in the total demand of the heavy machine tool industry and the accelerated upgrading of the demand structure, Wuzhong group took the initiative to adapt to the new economic normal, carefully studied and judged the internal and external situation of the enterprise, found weaknesses and deficiencies, determined to pay equal attention to heavy machine tools and special machines, created the strategic layout of related industrial chains and value chains, promoted the transformation of the business model of products +, services +, interconnection +, and further increased varieties, improved quality Create a brand. Boldly innovate the business model, carry out shield machines, rotary drills, etc., and increase the introduction of foreign graphite high-tech R & D teams and human resources and equipment leasing business, achieving the goal of ensuring the survival and development of Wuhan Heavy Industries, gradually walking out a transformation and development road with Wuhan Heavy Industries' characteristics, and the enterprise's operation shows a good growth trend

chairman Du Zhuoyu

the meeting held a discussion and exchange on the current situation faced by the machine tool industry and the work of the association. The delegates made in-depth discussions on the development planning and technological innovation of heavy machine tools, and expressed their views. Wang Junfeng, chairman of Qizhong CNC, Wang Yuehong, deputy general manager of Qier machine tool, Luo Chungang, general manager of Qinghai Huading, Hu Zijun, chairman of Wuhu Hengsheng, Lu Hua, general manager of Shanghai machine tool, Jia huishu, general manager of Ji'er machine tool, Yang Zhenghui, general manager of Duyun Oriental, Fu Hengxun, chief engineer of Guiyang Xianfeng, and other representatives spoke, exchanged and discussed respectively in combination with the enterprise situation and the current market situation. The meeting achieved the purpose of learning from each other, exchanging and promoting each other. The delegates also put forward positive suggestions on the work and development of the association, hoping that the association will continue to feel the pulse and position for the development of enterprises, share resources, and play a supervisory and leading role

After the meeting, the delegates visited Wuzhong group

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