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Spot prices are under pressure, and plastic short orders continue to hold

I. fundamental analysis

Brent crude oil futures fell on Wednesday, as strong U.S. economic data supported the Federal Reserve's plan to reduce stimulus later this year. Brent crude oil has fallen by more than 8% this quarter, the third consecutive quarterly decline. Oil prices fell sharply last week, as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke hinted that he would reduce the scale of bond purchases and the market was worried about China's economic slowdown. At 0434gmt, August Brent crude oil futures fell $0.51 to $100.75 a barrel. U.S. crude oil fell $0.79 to 94.53, down more than 2% so far this quarter. US crude oil futures fell slightly on Wednesday after US economic data showed that the US Federal Reserve (fed/fed) may cut stimulus measures earlier than expected and reduce central bank funds that boost market liquidity. Industry data showed that U.S. crude oil inventories fell a little last week, which was much smaller than expected, indicating that U.S. demand slowed down and also depressed crude oil prices. According to the oil supply agreement signed by CNPC and Rosneft, Russia will supply more crude oil to China year by year on the basis of the current 15million tons/year oil transportation volume of the China Russia crude oil pipeline (east line), reaching 30million tons/year by 2018. The additional 7million tons/year of crude oil will be supplied through the China Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline (West Line) on January 1, 2014. After the Sino Russian joint venture Tianjin refinery is completed and put into operation, 9.1 million tons of crude oil will be supplied every year

II. Spot quotation

the PE market in Guangzhou fell by about yuan/ton, the line type was basically the same as that of petrochemicals or upside down by 50 yuan/ton, and the high voltage was basically upside down. The overall atmosphere of the market was relatively flat, and some people waited for the possibility that petrochemicals would continue to reduce prices when inspecting the oil spill. Guangzhou 7042 reported 10700 yuan/ton, Maoming 7042 reported 10650 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426k reported 11450 yuan/ton, Dushanzi 5502 reported 11000 yuan/ton

the overall transaction of Qingdao PE was flat, and the quotation fell slightly by about 50 yuan/ton. 2426h reported 11650 yuan/ton, Thailand 5000S reported 11400 yuan/ton, domestic 5000S reported 11500 yuan/ton, 3224 reported 10820 yuan/ton, 218n reported 10850 yuan/ton, Daqing 2426k reported 11500 yuan/ton, 7000F reported 11100 yuan/ton, Huangdao 2102tx00 reported 11300 yuan/ton, TR, of which 3D printing and sensors related to the third industrial revolution were the first to report 10950 yuan/ton

III. technical analysis and operation suggestions

the plastic short-term average system is empty, the MACD index is high and dead, and the expected market is weak. Coupled with the general decline of crude oil and other bulk commodities, the demand for plastic futures price adjustment can greatly improve the effectiveness of the experiment and intensify further. In the face of a long and short conversion window, you can intervene in short orders in a timely manner

in terms of operation, continue to hold plastic 1401 empty orders, and the best single position is 4 Place the cleaned samples neatly in the sample basket in order, and put them safely into the cooling tank for no more than 30%

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