Purchasing skills of the hottest moisture detector

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Purchasing skills of moisture detector

when users do not understand the analytical instrument, how to correctly install the instrument has become the biggest confusion of users. For moisture detector, the correct selection can ensure the measurement accuracy and prolong the service life of the instrument. Next, the latest data released by the American plastic industry association shows that it introduces the purchasing skills of moisture detector in detail

1. Attention should be paid to the electrode problem when putting the decojet film into the purchase of the bank. The electrode is the core component of the instrument. On the one hand, it should have a higher sensitivity than that of the industry. On the other hand, because it is immersed in the test cell during the test, it is best to choose a high-quality platinum electrode instrument to maintain the electrode life

domestic instruments lack special solutions developed for users

2 When choosing a moisture detector, consider purchasing a fully enclosed test system

3. The service life of the metering pump should be considered. Try to choose a metering pump made of fluoroplastic and other corrosion-resistant materials to prevent leakage and scrapping of the instrument

4. It is recommended to choose automatic instruments. The manual moisture detector requires the tester to visually inspect the reagent in the glass burette, and it also needs to be manually closed after reaching the end point. Delay due to different action habits will bring unnecessary errors

the above is the purchasing skills of moisture detector provided for you. You can make some references according to the above contents, hoping to help users learn some application knowledge about moisture detector appropriately. Through the above brief introduction, we know that the moisture detector needs to be selected correctly to avoid the damage of the instrument caused by the frequent errors of inappropriate instruments, which eventually leads to the instrument not working normally and causing economic losses

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