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The ultra-thin knife slitting and pressing machine purchase points

the ultra-thin knife machine is favored by the carton packaging industry because of its thin and sharp blade, smooth and burr free incision for slitting corrugated cardboard, no cracking of inner and face paper, and no deformation of corrugated cardboard after slitting. It can perfectly reflect the actual thickness of cardboard, and is equipped with automatic knife sharpening, automatic knife adjustment, thread devices and other advantages

with the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers who originally did not intend to use ultra-thin knife cutting had to make the choice of updating equipment, which undoubtedly created a good business opportunity for the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, ultra-thin knife machines with different styles, different performances and different prices have appeared one after another. In the face of these, if we can't choose and buy products scientifically and reasonably according to the actual needs of our own production value of 20.8 billion yuan, and at the same time, we don't have a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the equipment, then buying ultra-thin knife machine will not achieve the ideal effect, but will bring many troubles

below, the author gives the key points of choosing and purchasing ultra-thin knife machine for colleagues' reference:

if we want to buy an ultra-thin knife machine with excellent performance, elegant appearance, moderate price, durability and simple operation, we first call it logic control system. We should understand the type, shape, structure, transmission mode, paper separation and line pressing accuracy, effective use width, degree of automation, grinding wheel, blade Whether the electromagnetic pneumatic valve testing machine and standard tension sensor use ring hinged connectors and other parts at both ends is easy to buy and common

the models sold in China's ultra-thin knife machine market, whether domestic or imported, are mainly divided into two types: one is vertical, which is used together with the corrugated board assembly line; The second is desktop type, which is suitable for independent stand-alone use. It is used for single tile machine laminating and separating paper without paperboard line or finishing of a small amount of paperboard. They are divided into ordinary type, improved type and CNC high-end type. The separation width is 1.20 ~ 2.50m; The paper separation accuracy is 0.2 ~ 1.5mm.

the so-called ordinary type, whether vertical or desktop, has only a set of thin knives and thread pressing wheels, chain drive, supporting power of 4 ~ 6kW, and manual knife adjustment line. Electromagnetic pneumatic control knife sharpening; The improved vertical type consists of two groups of thin knives and wire pressing wheels, which can be turned 360 degrees freely. The thin knives and wire pressing wheels can be raised and lowered hydraulically or adjusted manually. The transmission mode is ordinary cast steel gear transmission. In addition to the advantages of ordinary type, the table is also gear driven, but its paper feeding table, the paper feeding positioning baffle plate is slightly lengthened by dozens of centimeters, and the rear of the paper separating knife is equipped with a paper guide wheel, which avoids the disadvantage of 1500mm to ensure a longer shelf life; In addition to the improved performance, the high-end model has added a computer numerical control device. As long as the data is input, the knife adjustment line can be automatically completed in an instant. The accuracy of slitting and pressing line is 0.2 ~ 0.5mm. It also has the functions of automatic error correction and quantitative knife grinding for paper separation (when the paper is divided, as long as the set number of meters is reached, the blade will be polished automatically, and the normal production will not be affected). The frequency conversion speed regulation motor is more convenient to save electricity, and the high-grade nylon gear transmission has ultra-low noise, Smooth rotation, no vibration, more avant-garde and attractive. In addition, there are automatic paper feeding and bilateral positioning devices on the table, which make the cardboard after cutting and pressing line more accurate and beautiful; The desktop is also equipped with the linkage of the cardboard line, and the design tends to be perfect

vulnerable parts of ultra-thin knife machine: first, thin blades, which are divided into: thickness: 1.2mm ~ 1.3mm, outer diameter: 245 ~ 300mm, inner diameter: 105 ~ 175mm. The manufacturing materials vary due to price differences. Imported blades are the best made in Korea, with an effective service life of 5million meters, followed by Taiwan, with an effective mission life of about 1million meters, and domestic effective service life of 500000 ~ 800000 meters. 260 158 1.20 is preferred for common specifications. Moreover, the grinding wheel is the best one. The general model is: 50151572, which is common to all models. The third is the solenoid valve and cylinder. Their models and specifications are: qb25v-8, and the suitable pressure is 0.7 ~ 0.8MPa; QCX, cylinder diameter 4.1 25. The expansion range is 30 ~ 47, and the maximum allowable pressure is 1.0MPa (the above is universal)

after we understand the performance, advantages and disadvantages of various ultra-thin knife machines, we will determine the optional models according to the actual needs of production and satisfactory price and brand, and then judge the advantages and disadvantages through the following methods:

a. look: beautiful appearance, bright and clean paint surface, uniform color depth, reasonable and compact structure, no obvious defects in each paper guide roller, gear, chain, thread pressing wheel, blade, knife grinding wheel, etc., and the machine runs smoothly and without shaking

b. listen: start the machine, the sound is normal, no sharp or special metal friction sound, no chatter

c. touch: feel whether the surface of each electroplating roller, crimping wheel and paper separating knife is smooth and whether the workmanship is fine

d. test: you can prepare corrugated cardboard test machines with different material thicknesses. The single machine can be cut for more than 2m, the length of the cardboard deflection is not more than 1.5mm, the knife edge is clean and beautiful, and the normal corrugated is not deformed

in this way, it is not difficult for us to choose a satisfactory ultra-thin knife machine

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