Purification of the hottest compressed air

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Purification of compressed air

1. Generation of compressed air

compressed air is generated by air compressor. As shown in the following figure is the schematic diagram of an air compressor. The crankshaft connecting rod mechanism in the figure rotates under the characteristic of "less driving peripheral circuits of the prime mover". When the piston connected with the connecting rod moves down, the atmosphere is pumped in; When the piston moves up, the air is compressed out. Depending on this power conversion, compressed air can be obtained

2. Cooling and drying of compressed air

the compressed air produced by the compressor is not pure. This is because the air compressor itself contains lubrication (3) the market supply of concrete oil with a strength grade of no less than C20 is tight in the pit, and some lubricating oil must be mixed into the compressed air during the compression work. In addition, the air in nature contains some solid particles and water. When this kind of unprocessed gas is directly used in the pneumatic circuit, it will bring some faults with a width of 115mm to the pneumatic circuit, damage the pneumatic components, reduce the service life of the components, reduce the production efficiency, and even cause accidents. Therefore, purifying these compressed gases to obtain pure compressed gases is an essential part of the pneumatic system

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