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PepsiCo plans to trial produce hundreds of new beverage bottles made of pure plant materials made of grass and bark in 2012. Once it is determined that this technology can be applied to mass production, all their goods will be replaced with new bags of this material. According to the British Daily Mail on March 15, PepsiCo recently launched the latest in its market competition "This revolutionary new product shows the value of an integrated material solution combining comfort, durability and aesthetics to product innovation. The new weapon is a pure plant raw material beverage bottle made of grass and bark. Pepsi said that they will use this low-carbon technology to defeat its old rival Coca Cola.

the new beverage bottle used by Pepsi is made of grass, pine bark, corn husk and other raw materials. This kind of beverage bottle looks, feels and has the same function of preserving the beverage as the plastic bottle currently used. They hope to use orange peel, oat peel, potato and other food waste to make beverage bottles in the future

PepsiCo's technology may change the industry standard of plastic packaging industry. Plastic is particularly popular because of its light weight and good protection, which does not affect the taste of food in the professionally designed automatic control and data collection system. Although plastic cannot be biodegradable or used as fertilizer, it can be completely recycled. The new beverage bottle developed by PepsiCo has all the advantages of traditional plastic bottles. The traditional plastic bottle is low, but it is still necessary to ensure that the oil pipe can not appear broken smoke and smoky raw materials come from fossil fuels in ordinary use, and the cost is high. The use of plant raw materials can not only reduce costs, but also reduce the impact on the environment

PepsiCo said that it was the first company in the world to use pure plant materials to manufacture oxidative biodegradable beverage bottles. However, only 30% of the ingredients in Coca Cola's beverage bottles come from plants. It is estimated that it will take them several years to produce all plant material beverage bottles

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