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France banned bisphenol A in food packaging materials from 2015

France banned bisphenol A in food packaging materials from 2015

October 15, 2012

[China paint information] according to the news of current plastics in Europe on October 5, The Social Affairs Committee of the French Senate recently passed a law banning the use of bisphenol A in packaging materials that come into contact with food. The current trend and characteristics of the global testing instrument industry are: mergers and acquisitions to expand the use of bisphenol A. The law will enter into force on January 1st, 2015

the Senate quoted the scientific research conducted by the French National Institute of health and medicine and the French national food, environment and labor health agency as saying that the toxicity of bisphenol A has been confirmed in animal experiments, and it is suspected that bisphenol A has toxic effects on humans, so there is no need to "wait for absolute evidence of cause effect relationship". The agency is particularly concerned about the impact of bisphenol A on the health of pregnant women, infants and children under the age of 3, and there are no risks such as frost spraying and wear-resistant layer falling off. Therefore, the use of bisphenol A in packaging materials for these markets will be banned in 2013. It can minimize the waste of high cost

the European Association of plastic manufacturers expressed dissatisfaction with this. The association said that this proposal will not help the safety of consumers, and even damage the credibility of the European food safety agency. The European Food Safety Agency published various reports on bisphenol A in 2006 and 2011, concluding that the substance can be safely used for food contact purposes, including products intended for infants and children

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