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Europe and the United States pay attention to the research and development of epoxy resin edge products

recently, the research of epoxy resin edge products, such as epoxy resin moisture barrier, anti-seismic electronic packaging materials and other products with low output, partial use and not well-known, has been paid attention to in Europe and the United States and other countries, and new products have been introduced from time to time

4.1 lime should comply with the relevant provisions in jc/t 621. Germany has developed mc-dur1101/mc-dur1103m epoxy resin moisture barrier board, which is suitable for dams, underground warehouses and other buildings where low temperature and low humidity are relatively difficult to control and floor coatings. Both products are two-component epoxy resin dispersion systems

American filoindustries adopts two-component epoxy resin curing system to package automatic electronic components technology, and believes that the process performance and experimental methods of this kind of packaged stainless steel are divided into the following categories: compression resistance, shock resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance and impact resistance. The new epoxy resin based ink has been produced and supplied by medium-sized chemical product manufacturers in Japan

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