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Gansu establishes and improves the market mechanism and expands the consumption of new energy through multiple channels

the consumption of new energy is of great significance to alleviate the constraints of energy resources and the pressure on the ecological environment. At the same time, it plays a positive role in alleviating the contradiction between power supply and demand in Gansu and promoting the development of local economy, society and power industry

establish and improve the market mechanism and expand the consumption of new energy through multiple channels

in recent years, Gansu energy regulatory office has continued to make efforts in building a market promotion mechanism around the consumption of new energy, giving full play to the role of the market to expand the consumption and delivery of new energy

first, establish a cross provincial and cross regional incremental spot market for surplus new energy in Gansu Province, jointly study and formulate the "rules for cross provincial and cross regional incremental spot trading of surplus new energy in Gansu Province" with the dispatching agency, which was approved and implemented in May 2017, make full use of cross regional inter provincial channels to absorb new energy, and effectively expand the cross regional sensor failure. The most important and longest is the experimental overload cross provincial power transmission channel. According to the rules, 1848 new energy cross provincial incremental spot transactions were carried out in 2017, sending 3.278 billion kwh of new energy power, with an average price of 119.14 yuan/MWh, increasing 162 hours of new energy power generation, and increasing the income of new energy enterprises by about 1.2 billion yuan (including subsidies)

second, actively lead the transfer of power generation rights to replace self owned power plants with new energy in the province. The transfer of self owned power plants to new energy power generation rights is included in the Gansu Electric Power Medium and long term transaction rules to improve the transaction mechanism and standardize the transaction process. In 2017, it was approved to complete the transfer of 2.054 billion kwh, equivalent to saving 610000 tons of standard coal, reducing 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide, 1000 tons of sulfur dioxide, 4000 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 9000 tons of soot

the third is to explore the establishment of Gansu Power auxiliary service market, actively strive for the national energy administration to include Gansu in the pilot province of national auxiliary service market construction, organize the formulation of "Gansu auxiliary service market operation rules (Trial)" and issue and implement it in January 2018. Start the market-oriented transaction of peak shaving auxiliary services, tap the peak shaving potential in the province by market means, encourage thermal power units to carry out flexible transformation and participate in deep peak shaving, and encourage electric energy storage users and interruptible loads to participate in peak shaving, so as to make room for new energy power generation

take effective measures quickly, and the effective export market has declined

since last year, affected by the rising price of power coal, the power generation cost of thermal power enterprises in Gansu Province has increased, and the price of power coal is upside down, which has greatly affected the competitiveness and enthusiasm of thermal power enterprises to participate in cross provincial and cross regional power market transactions. New energy enterprises cannot be delivered alone due to peak shaving constraints. In January this year, among the many trans provincial and regional delivery transactions organized by Beijing Power Trading Center, Gansu power generation enterprises won zero bids, which has caused great impact on the local economy, power generation enterprises and power enterprises. We are concerned about the impact of customer demand. In this regard, Gansu energy regulatory office took measures to actively respond, studied with Gansu Electric Power Trading Center, and agreed to solve the dilemma of zero delivery by splitting and bundling. Specifically, thermal power and new energy enterprises voluntarily declare on the Beijing electric power trading platform according to the listing price, and Gansu Electric Power Trading Center will split and match the transaction amount according to the 6:4 ratio of thermal power and new energy. After splitting, the implementation price of thermal power will be controlled above 250 yuan/MWh benchmark, and the implementation price of new energy will be controlled above 80 yuan/MWh benchmark. After the volume and price are determined respectively, thermal power and new energy will be bundled and delivered, The weighted average price after baling reaches 182 yuan/MWh and above. In this way, it not only solves the problem of zero bid winning for export, but also protects the interests of thermal power and new energy enterprises to a certain extent. The benchmark prices of thermal power and new energy can be flexibly adjusted according to the real-time price level of power coal and the price changes of power purchasing provinces

according to the opinions of Gansu energy regulatory office, on March 14, Gansu Power Trading Center timely issued an announcement to the majority of market entities, which received a positive response from power generation enterprises in the province. 20 thermal power enterprises and 269 new energy enterprises have signed entrustment agreements with the trading center. In March, the Beijing Trading Center organized a total of 1.656 billion kwh to be sent from the northwest to Chongqing, Jiangsu, Henan and other places, as well as through Yindong DC. Gansu power generation enterprises actively participated in the declaration and reached 846 million kwh. Market participants highly affirmed that Gansu energy regulatory office and trading institutions quickly responded to market changes and timely introduced solutions

support the power optimization dispatching control strategy and improve the channel transmission capacity

first, introduce measures to encourage the near area wind farm of Qishao DC to carry out the transformation of 1.3 times the high voltage resistance capacity, and greatly improve the channel transmission capacity while improving the safety of Qishao DC transmission. When the transformation of the near area wind turbine high voltage resistance capacity is completed and the two matching condensers of Qishao DC are put into operation, the channel transmission capacity is expected to increase to 6million kW, Create favorable conditions for the export of new energy

second, encourage and urge power enterprises to further prepare for the improvement of transmission capacity at the transmission end by putting into operation stable control equipment and improving the reverse transmission capacity of the connecting channel; At the same time, we should strengthen the research on the market consistency between the sending end and the receiving end, and take positive measures to adapt to the relatively large pull, steadily improve the transmission efficiency of the Qishao DC transmission project, improve the transmission level of Qishao DC new energy, and alleviate the contradiction between the abandonment of wind and light in new energy

make further progress and help the healthy development of the power industry

in recent years, Gansu energy regulatory office has closely cooperated with relevant departments of local governments and power enterprises in the province, worked together to take multiple measures, took measures to address the symptoms, vigorously promoted the local consumption of new energy, and constantly expanded the scale of new energy delivery, so that the severe situation of the difficulty of new energy consumption in Gansu has been effectively improved. In 2017, the wind power generation capacity of Gansu was 18.76 billion kwh, with a year-on-year increase of 37.5%, and the wind power generation hours were 1451 hours14 Lift the lifting frame and clamp the ratchet with claws, an increase of 375 hours year-on-year. Photovoltaic power generation was 7.348 billion kwh, an increase of 22.1% year-on-year; The number of photovoltaic power generation hours was 1016 hours, an increase of 76 hours year-on-year. The wind and light rejection rate decreased by 10.85 percentage points and 10.57 percentage points respectively year-on-year

in the next step, Gansu energy regulatory office will continue to take the "four revolutions and one cooperation" energy development strategy of General Secretary Xi as the guide, conscientiously implement the major national energy strategic deployment, firmly grasp the working concept that the regulatory work should serve the national energy development strategy, local economic and social development, and the development of the energy industry and energy enterprises, and under the unified leadership of the national energy administration, As always, we will play a good regulatory role in deepening the reform of the power system, promoting the construction of the power market, promoting the consumption of new energy, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of electricity

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