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Heidelberg prime Printready put into production

at the Seybold seminar held in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, on June 11, 2003, Heidelberg announced that it would put the new JDF basic prepress workflow prime Printready system into continuous production. The prime Printready system has gone through a broad market testing stage and early production stage. Heidelberg has now begun to sell the system structure of the initial series to customers

the more important significance of Peter Le, manager of the production department of prime, is that this project will become an important experimental field for China's No.5 mining industry to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. Dr. u explained at the Seybold Seminar: "Heidelberg's goal is to use an open process system to integrate the whole process of prepress, printing and post printing, so as to improve the productivity and efficiency of the whole production. The prime Printready system is a step further for Heidelberg to achieve this goal. And the design of the components of the system is closer to small printing companies." The new solution is a very comprehensive component that demonstrates the basic principles of prime. In this way, customers can choose their own personalized scheme or add the required program to the company's measurement and control system. Hytestv6.0, a controller developed with the world's first 32-bit ARM technology, is adopted This controller is based on 32-bit arm platform. Prime Printready system uses flow chart and automatic control to make the whole prepress production freely configurable and realize digital process

Heidelberg also announced that after the expiration of the OEM agreement with Creo in May this year, it would continue its cooperation on customer service and support of PRINERGY in the prepress process. However, Heidelberg also offers very attractive conditions to any primergy user who wants to switch to the prime Printready system

Heidelberg said that our prime Printready system is the first worldwide representative of the prepress process of preparing this material based on JD inspired by nature F

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