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Troubleshooting and maintenance methods of waste paper baler

waste paper baler is a new and advanced pneumatic packaging machine. It is mainly used in paper enterprises and enterprises. It is also suitable for packing various products in wooden cases. However, due to the wear of parts in use and poor lubrication, parts will be damaged, which may expand the occurrence of faults and accidents. Therefore, it is very important to quickly find and eliminate faults. It won't turn to the manufacturer for a small fault, so as to win valuable time and money. Here are a few places and maintenance methods that are prone to failure. Fault: cut the steel. We only collect the elongation between the two marking lines on the sample. Cause:

1) cutter wear or fault maintenance method: check whether the cutter or cutter holder is worn or faulty. If the wear is serious, replace it

2) air pressure reduction dimension 6. Set the impact height repair method according to the experimental requirements: check whether the working pressure in 2014 is normal; Cut off the steel belt polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and polyurethane force from blocking the cylinder. See the fault phenomenon; Check the locking operation fault: the tension on the latch clip is not enough

cause: the connecting hole or connecting pin of the clamping block is worn. Maintenance method: check these parts when the groove depth is shallow, and replace them if necessary

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