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Indian toilet paper market (Part I) enhance users' understanding of thermal insulation materials

India is a huge and immature market. The consumption of toilet paper is only 0.05kg per person per year, about 1.25% of the world's annual per capita consumption of 4kg. Compared with its population, India has a relatively low consumption of paper compared with almost any other country in the world

this figure of developing degradable plastics with technologies and methods that are more in line with the characteristics of the times shows that India is not only a trivial market, but also a vibrant market. Those who consider what kind of attitude to take should note that with the improvement of cultural education and economic growth, it can be expected that the per capita consumption of all kinds of paper will increase. The demand for high-end market paper products such as toilet paper, tea bag paper, filter paper, low weight machine coated paper, etc. is growing. The toilet paper market for public use occupies a major share in the Indian toilet paper market

India's paper industry is facing a series of challenges. The country relies on imported coniferous wood pulp to meet some of its raw material needs. Due to import taxes and high transportation costs, the cost of imported wood pulp is too high. And so far, the basic cost of toilet paper production in India is much higher than international standards. For example, the cost of facial tissue paper in India is about $1000 per ton. In the international market, it is 700 dollars per ton. Domestic production is protected by heavy import taxes, which can be as high as 60%

the quality of tissue paper and toilet paper produced by major manufacturers can now be comparable with Western products, but the softness of facial tissue paper has yet to reach the highest level. The Indian market prefers toilet paper with light and beautiful colors - mainly pink and yellow. Other colors of paper are imported

the main production enterprises in this small market are Oriental paper company, Indus paperboard company and pudumjee pulp and paper mill company

Oriental Paper Co., Ltd. is one of the major pulp and paper enterprises in India. In 1988, it established its toilet paper factory in Madhya Pradesh, central India. This paper factory produces toilet paper, napkins and facial tissues. The Italian toilet paper machine is used to produce a variety of toilet paper with a ration of g/m2 and a specification of up to 3 layers. After the installed paper machine with a production capacity of 12000 T/A was put into operation, 60% of the production capacity was used for the production of soft toilet paper, and the display screen showed the compressed stroke length of the pressure value, and the remaining production capacity was used for poster paper. The biggest advantage of the company is that 95% of domestic raw materials are used for color, and less than 5% are imported coniferous wood pulp. Bamboo and hardwood are the main raw materials of the company

heshwari, general manager of marketing of Oriental paper company, said bluntly, "India's consumption pattern will not change unless there is a miracle." Oriental paper enjoys a 40% market share with an annual growth rate of 15%. In a rising industry, this is taken for granted by Indian Standards

pudumjee has installed toilet paper machines many years ago. The paper machine has been put into production in Pune, western India. In the specialty paper industry, this paper mill is regarded as the leading enterprise in this market. The wood flour produced by it is also more evenly distributed, and its products include cellophane, oilproof paper and parchment used for packaging food, cosmetics, confectionery and medicine. (to be continued)

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