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India requires tobacco and alcohol packaging to indicate the product ingredients in detail

the Indian government told the Delhi high court at the MEDTEC 2017 exhibition that it is illegal to sell cigarettes and other tobacco products without specifying the content of "nicotine and tar" and the allowable limit on each cigarette box

at that time, the central court had informed the branch headed by Chief Justice pat 05 and environmental performance Er that the rules on the specific warnings that each cigarette box needs to indicate that nicotine and tar will continue to be handled this year are still being formulated

this notice was sent to the court because someone filed an application for the authority to order a ban on the sale of tobacco and alcohol products without detailed indication of product ingredients on the packaging

in a written statement submitted to the court, the Federal Ministry of Health said that according to the provisions of the 2003 cigarette and other tobacco products act, which entered into force in May 2004, details of the nicotine and tar content in tobacco products must be published

the law states that no one can directly or indirectly produce, supply or distribute cigarettes or any other tobacco products unless the nicotine and tar content and the allowable limit are specified on each cigarette box of tobacco products

the applicant also requires that all tobacco sold on the market produce 9 If the lower clamp is oil box, it should be confiscated, and the seller should be prosecuted

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