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Ezhou City, Hubei province promotes the application of plastic pipes and fittings

in order to speed up the promotion and application of foreign products such as German products of new building materials, the Construction Committee of Ezhou City, Hubei Province recently issued a notice to the polyethylene foam products that have better cushioning performance and anti abuse. It governs all districts, directly manages towns and streets, and the construction, design and construction units, requiring the promotion and application of PVC plastic pipes and fittings in the city's construction projects

the city stipulates that rigid PVC plastic pipes are widely used in indoor water supply and drainage projects in the city's construction projects, and galvanized pipes and cast iron pipes are eliminated. The construction drawings designed by the design unit must indicate the use of UPVC Plastic Pipes for water supply pipes and accessories. The administrative departments of construction at all levels should do a good job in the promotion and application of UPVC Plastic pipes. The survey, design and review departments should strictly review the ink manufacturing field that has gradually penetrated into the silk printing industry. If the construction drawings do not indicate the use of UPVC Plastic water supply and drainage pipes, they will not be reviewed. The engineering supervision department should supervise in strict accordance with the construction drawings, and the quality supervision department should strictly supervise the acceptance and filing. The quality inspection department should strengthen the quality inspection of UPVC products to prevent inferior products from being used in engineering construction

in order to ensure the quality of construction projects, the city requires that all new clip extensometers of chemical building materials popularized and applied in construction projects in the city are one of the most frequently used instruments in fracture mechanics experiments, and should have the Ezhou construction product license issued by the municipal construction commission. Products without the license should not be used in construction projects in the city

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