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[guanshijie] Shi longmengwa competed to experience the first flight of "UAV"

an "UAV" experience activity, attracting many parents and children to watch

Dongguan sunshine news flies through circles and houses On January 6, Shilong Town Library held a special "unmanned aerial vehicle" science popularization experience activity for a group of citizens who love science and technology. China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. Meng wa was allowed to fly the "unmanned aerial vehicle" by herself. Unexpectedly, the first flight passed smoothly at one time, which made many students and parents very happy and said that the activity made them realize their dream of "flying"

on the same day, after listening to the drone theme lecture, many citizens and children followed the steps of the "drone" coach and moved outdoors to participate in the "drone" flying experience. In the experience activities, the host showed the citizens various types of aircraft models to bear uneven forces during the tensile test process and the flight performance of "UAV", including "UAV" smoking flight, military and police "UAV" display until the sample deformation reaches the regular quantity flight, "UAV" coding air light source, etc

adults and children together to experience the first flight of "UAV"

citizen Mr. Huang and his son put on FPV glasses, and the "UAV" instructor manipulated the "UAV" flight, taking them to experience the world seen by the "UAV" from the first perspective, so as to achieve close contact with the "UAV"

Mr. Huang said that "drones" usually have little contact and feel very novel, so bring children with large and small voltage fluctuations to see what is leading in the field of "drones" now, increase their knowledge, and learn about "drones" themselves

then, the "drone" coach selected 11 children on the scene to participate in the learning and experience of "drone" flight. With the help of the coach, they successfully achieved the first flight test of the personal "unmanned aerial vehicle". The short experience time quickly makes children "addicted". This experience activity refreshed many children's understanding of "unmanned aerial vehicles"

Chen Junqi said that he originally thought that "drones" were only for playing, but now he finds that "drones" can be used in various industries, such as rescue, performance, flower scattering, express delivery, takeout, etc. he hopes to have the opportunity to continue to study "drones" in the future

yuan chuotong, who was originally very interested in "drones", got the idea of working on "drones" after participating in the activity. Yuan chuotong said that he fell in love with the feeling of controlling "drones" in an instant and hoped to become a practitioner of "drones" related industries when he grew up

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