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Ignite the overseas market of Weichai shipbuilding machinery heat in Indonesia step by step

ignite the overseas market of Weichai shipbuilding machinery heat in Indonesia step by step

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Guide: Recently, Weichai science and technology exhibition hall welcomed a group of guests from the delegation composed of Indonesian and Singapore shipyards and shipowners to visit the enterprise on the spot. These customers from Indonesia and Singapore witnessed the strength of Weichai and strengthened their confidence in cooperating with Weichai. Ignite Weichai ship engine in Indonesia

recently, Weichai science and technology exhibition hall welcomed another group of guests - a delegation composed of Indonesian and Singapore shipyards and shipowners, to visit the enterprises on the spot. These customers from Indonesia and Singapore witnessed the strength of Weichai and strengthened their confidence in cooperating with Weichai

As one of the representative countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Singapore have great economic development potential. The Southeast Asian market, including the two countries, plays an important role in the group's development plan. As a country with thousands of islands, the ship and machine market is the top priority of Weichai's business in Indonesia. Zhanggengsheng, assistant to the general manager of the group, told that among the clients visiting Weichai this time, there were 35 Indonesian shipyard owners and 15 shipowners. Most of them came to Weichai for the first time, and such a large number of overseas clients made on-site visits, which were also few in the enterprise. "This figure is equivalent to Indonesia's 20% market share of marine machinery, which has been recognized by these customers, which undoubtedly greatly facilitates us to further open the Indonesian marine machinery market and expand our influence in the entire Southeast Asian market."

well known, Weichai products must be right

Zheng Jixiang, a thin and capable businessman, has been engaged in the marine fuel transportation business for many years, and the tonnage of ships he owns ranges from hundreds to thousands of tons. In March this year, Zheng Jixiang placed orders for several commercial ships in the Indonesian shipyard to install Weichai engines, which was his first use of Weichai marine engines

"I have been in this industry for nearly 30 years. What should I pay attention to in the maintenance of the tension machine? This time I call on the owner of the Indonesian shipyard to match the Weichai engine. The reason is very simple. My friends around me recommend your products to me!" While chatting with him, Zheng Jixiang joked with another Indonesian friend, "my friend also ordered the ship machine of Weichai, so I came for the reputation of Weichai, and I believe I can't be wrong!"

visited production units and science and technology exhibition halls such as Binhai Industrial Park and high tech Zone Industrial Park. Speaking of his impression of Weichai, Zheng Jixiang looked satisfied. "Weichai is really a big enterprise, with spacious plants and advanced production equipment. Looking at the machine coming down from the production line, I thought my ship would be equipped with such an engine, and I felt very secure!"

herri, the head of bindan shipyard, which produces ships for Zheng Jixiang, couldn't help praising Weichai's products when he saw them. At the same time, as an agent of Weichai's ship machinery, the sales volume of ship machinery was not a small number, although he joined Weichai for less than two years. "Boss Zheng ordered the ship this time and unambiguously named Weichai engine. I think he really chose the right one!" Herri humorously said that since acting as the agent of Weichai shipbuilding Machinery Co., Ltd., no engine sold has contacted him due to product failure

speaking of Weichai's service, herri gave a thumbs up. "Last time, a Malaysian customer thought it was an engine fault because he didn't understand the engine performance. I explained the situation to the local service manager. You soon sent a service staff there, but it wasn't an engine fault. He also gave professional guidance to that customer. Your service is really timely and considerate!"

step by step, develop the Indonesian marine machinery market

Weichai marine machinery business has always been "popular" in overseas markets such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia, etc., while markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Brazil, etc. are potential markets that urgently need Weichai to press the oil pump control button on the dynamometer table of the hydraulic universal experimental machine

"although these countries have quite high recognition of Weichai's land-based engines, there are still some concerns about the ship and aircraft industry. This time, so many commercial ship market customers from Indonesia and Singapore are invited to visit Weichai, in order to let them have a comprehensive understanding of our enterprise at a close distance and enhance their confidence in cooperation with Weichai." Zhang Gengsheng said that from the unanimous praise of customers after their field visit, Weichai has captured a number of loyal customers

in addition to opening up the commercial ship market, Weichai also takes the Indonesian government as a breakthrough to further develop the Indonesian market. On the third day after the Indonesian customers visited the enterprise, on April 19, Weichai reached a ship machine cooperation agreement with the Indonesian government, and the ship machine market development strategy was followed up step by step. "The Indonesian government subsidizes fishermen. Every year, a fishing boat is put on the market, which is equivalent to a demonstration project to benefit the people. Firmly grasping the Indonesian government is equivalent to grasping the 'bull nose' of Indonesian fishing boats to pay attention to turning off the main motor source market." Ding Wei, assistant general manager of the import and export company, said

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