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On February 9, 2007, it was learned from the intermediate people's Court of Binzhou City, Shandong Province that the unfair competition case of cashew nut shell oil epoxy resin curing agent of American cadley company v. Meidong resin company had been settled a few days ago: the former finally put forward an out of court settlement and withdrew his claim. According to the experts from China epoxy resin industry association, cadley sued Meidong resin at the end of 2005. After more than one year of court mediation, the prosecution finally proposed an out of court settlement. As a result, the case had a good outcome and was affirmed by both inside and outside the industry

cashew nut shell oil epoxy resin curing agent has the characteristics of low-temperature rapid curing, corrosion resistance, green environmental protection, low cost and so on. It is used in the marine, bridge, steel structure, various storage tanks, chemical pipeline and other industrial fields. With its low toxicity, low viscosity, flexible resistance and other properties, it is widely used in the fields of electric power, electronic encapsulation, casting and so on. It has such a wide range of applications and huge market potential, It is inevitable that Chinese and foreign enterprises will spark in the competition. Cadley, which is adjacent to New York International Airport, was founded by 3M company in the early 1940s. In the early 1980s, it invented the technology to replace phenolic amine. At present, cadley has had an influence in the international industry, especially the rich cashew nut shell oil product series ranks first in the world, and its products also show excellent performance in the whole epoxy system

Binzhou Meidong resin Co., Ltd., whose production base is located in Zhanhua Industrial Park, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, dares to enter the field of high-tech epoxy resin. At present, it has become one of the few manufacturers in the world engaged in the development, application research and mass production of cashew nut shell oil series chemical products, and has been highly concerned both inside and outside the industry. At present, Binzhou Meidong's headquarters, R & D center and general fixtures cannot meet the requirements. The sales center is located in Shanghai and has another production base in Shandong. Now it has entered the industrialization stage and its products are sold all over the country. Experts believe that as one of the few manufacturers engaged in the production of cashew nut shell oil series chemical products, its technology has reached the international leading level and has the core independent intellectual property rights to produce new epoxy resin curing agent. At the end of 2005, cadley sued Meidong resin, claiming that it "improperly compared the products of both sides and used unfair means of competition" in the publicity, resulting in the "sharp decline in the market share in China" of cadley. Cadley demanded that Meidong universal testing machine, including one or more vertical bearing column companies, stop the improper publicity and compensate 10million yuan for the losses in the Chinese market

Meidong resin believes that the choice of the market is in the hands of the customer. Our products are cost-effective. The customer chooses our products, and the company is not at fault. The chemical industry has always been an important part of a country in the process of industrialization, especially in the field of chemical core technology, the chemical enterprises of various countries are fighting openly and secretly. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that how is China's implementation of the Convention on environmental protection? There has always been a phenomenon of heavy epoxy resin and light curing agent in the oxygen resin industry. Especially in special fields, the research and development of new epoxy resin curing agent is relatively backward. However, with the gradual opening of China's economy, more and more enterprises and individuals began to make a series of explorations in this regard. At present, Binzhou Meidong and cadley are in close combat, which is the inevitable situation for all developing Chinese enterprises and the trouble for Chinese enterprises to grow. Finally, cadley proposed out of court mediation, withdrew his claim and no longer asked for compensation

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