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Seven application principles of agricultural machinery oil

1. Do not use up the fuel in the fuel tank

when the fuel is about to be used up, impurities in the fuel will enter the diesel coarse and fine filters, which is easy to cause blockage. In addition, air is easy to enter the low-pressure oil circuit, which makes it difficult to start the engine. Even if it can be started, the speed is unstable during operation

2. Diesel oil is used 48 hours after precipitation. The practice has proved that most of the impurities in diesel oil are soil particles, lime sand, rock powder and tiny dust. The main components of these impurities are sulphonate and bauxite. If diesel oil is directly used in the fuel system lacking original innovation ability without precipitation, filtration and other purification treatment, even small impurities entering the plunger pair, oil outlet valve and fuel injector will be grinded like abrasive under high pressure and high speed, which is not worth the loss of cutting the surface of precision parts and damaging their smoothness and fit clearance. In the long run, it will worsen the combustion process of the engine, exhaust smoke and carbon deposition, which is one of the basic methods of material mechanical performance test. 1. The oil is aged and deteriorated, and the lubrication is weakened, so as to change the technical state of the machine and affect the work of all parts of the engine. Therefore, before the diesel oil is added into the oil tank, it shall be precipitated for at least 48 hours, so that most of the various particles in the diesel oil will be precipitated to the bottom layer. When the diesel oil is used about 20cm away from the bottom of the barrel, it should be poured into a closed container. After sufficient sedimentation, take the middle and upper oil and add it to the oil tank

3. It is strictly forbidden to mix old and new engine oils

at present, a few operators, in order to reduce the operation cost, leave some waste engine oils and add half or more of the new engine oils for mixing. As everyone knows, this practice is not worth the loss. Because the waste engine oil contains a large number of oxidizing substances, rubber carbon particles and many iron filings, it will greatly shorten the service life of the fresh engine oil and intensify the movement and wear speed, which will not only fail to change the oil, but also lead to mechanical accidents such as Bush burning and shaft holding

4. The oil level shall not exceed the upper scribed line

if the oil level exceeds the upper scribed line, it will not only increase the oil consumption, cause oil burning, carbon deposition in the cylinder, increase the carbon particles in the oil, but also accelerate the wear of parts such as the cylinder and shorten the service life. In addition, excessive oil is sucked into the cylinder, which is easy to cause runaway

5. Do not add deteriorated engine oil to the gearbox

some operators add waste engine oil from the oil pan to the gearbox in order to save maintenance costs. This practice is not worth the loss. Because the deteriorated engine oil contains a lot of mechanical impurities, adding them to the gearbox will accelerate the wear of moving parts. In addition, after the waste engine oil is added, the gear oil will become thinner and the gear wear will be intensified. However, the replaced waste engine oil can be added to the air filter oil pan to save fresh engine oil

6. It is forbidden to replace diesel engine oil with gasoline engine oil.

gasoline engine oil has low viscosity and is suitable for use under light load. Diesel engine oil has high viscosity and is suitable for use under heavy load. The two kinds of engine oil additives and oxidation resistance are different. If they are substituted, the service life of Bearing Bush will be greatly reduced

7. The engine oil must be precipitated for 96 hours and then used.

the fresh engine oil contains a certain amount of mechanical impurities. Before use, it must be precipitated for more than 96 hours and then taken. This means that NASA can greatly reduce the cost of preparing space structures. The middle and upper clean engine oil can be used. In addition, it is forbidden to refuel in dusty places, and the special tools for refuelling such as the refuelling barrel and hand pump must be cleaned

information source: agricultural mechanization information in China

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